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History of Cambria County, V.2

evening there were present many who had witnessed those eleven years previous. Cyrus Elder, president of the association, gave a brief review of its history, followed by James B. Scott and A.F. Keating of Pittsburgh, Fred Krebs, Dr. George Wagoner, A.J. Moxham, John P. Linton, Rev. D. M. Miller, Mrs. D. Curtis Williams, John Fulton, Dr. W.W. Walters, Joseph Morgan and George Thackray, who on behalf of the people, the association, the professionals and the clubs, thanked Mr. Carnegie for his gift. On the occasion of Mr. Carnegie's visit to Johnstown, January 21, 1897, a reception was tendered him there by the pupils and teachers of the high school and the grammar schools.
    The present library is of French-Gothic style of architecture, and has on its first floor a lecture room with a seating capacity of about three hundred; the library proper and reading room, and directors' and librarian's room on the second floor, and on the third a gymnasium and six class rooms.
    It contains at present 11,900 recorded volumes, and 7,481 government and state documents, and the total number of borrower's cards registered is 6,043.
    Since the flood weekly instruction in mechanical drawing and arithmetic has been given to the young people by employes of the company. As the home of the Johnstown Athletic Association, which for several years met in the gymnasium, but has now dissolved, and as the regular meeting place of the Johnstown Art League, the Fortnightly Musical Club, the Civic Club of Cambria County, the library stands as a center of education and culture.
    The first librarian was Joseph H. Berlin, who also served as secretary, from 1870 to 1872, and was followed by I. E. Roberts, who was succeeded in May, 1876 by William A. Donaldson. Upon his resignation in July of that year, Fred Krebs was appointed secretary, librarian and treasurer, and served until the new building was occupied. Mrs. M.E. Hurst who served from March, 1881, to May 31, 1889, lost her life from that building; from 1889 to 1898, Mrs. Mary L. Yeagley was librarian, while from August, 1895, to April, 1897, W.D. Turner acted in the capacity of superintendent. Miss L. Helen Berkey who had assisted Mrs. Yeagley, succeeded her in May, 1898, and is now assisted by Miss Augusta Linton and Mrs. Mary Dick.
    When the library was re-dedicated in 1892, the new building had cost $67,332, of which sum Andrew Carnegie contributed

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