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History of Cambria County, V.2



    The authors and artists of the mountain county have attained a worthy place in literature and art, since the day when the white man felled the trees and made himself a habitation there.
    The first author was the Rev. Dr. Gallitzin, a cultured and convincing writer on theological subjects and public affairs, who began as early as 1808 to publish pamphlets on questions of federal and state government. Some of his works on theological matters have passed through two or three editions, and are still in circulation. His “Letter to a Protestant Friend on the Holy Scriptures” was published by F. Lucas, Jr., of Baltimore, in 1820, 156 pages, and the last edition from the Christian Press Association of New York and San Francisco was issued after his death. He submits it to “the Protestant Public” in preference to some particular Protestant minister, on account of his “ungentlemanly language” in some controversy. With mildness he denies the accusations against the church which appeared in a publication entitled “Vindication,” and in his foreword offers this view : “The main subject of it is the Holy Scripture, which the Catholic church venerates as the word of God, and from which we draw the doctrine of salvation. *   * You will be surprised to find how ill-grounded the charge is which your minister makes against Catholic priests of concealing the scripture.”
    In 1837, F. Lucas, Jr., published “A Defense of Catholic Principles,” 197 pages, which has also been recently republished. In a note the Doctor states the manuscript was prepared “nearly fifty years ago.” It seems this work was first published in 1816. His last literary production, “An Appeal to the Protestant Public,” was printed in 1834, six years before his death.

    Rev. George Roberts translated from the Welsh language “A View of the Primitive Ages,” by Theophilus Evans. His printers were Canan & Scott of Ebensburg. It is well printed

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