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History of Cambria County, V.2

taken with the enemy when they vamoosed. The inquiry was never revived.


    The morning of the 7th, Gen. Sheridan directed Gen. Crook (Capt. Black) to move to Farmville, and ordered Gen. Merritt (Capt. Blough) and Gen Mackenzie (Capt. Hads) to Prince Edward's Court-House to frustrate Gen. Lee's attempt to retreat towards Danville. Gen. Crook found the enemy at Farmville and Gen. Gregg's brigade (Capt. Black) promptly attacked, but was fiercely assailed and forced to recross the Appomattox, losing a number of prisoners, including Gen. J. Irwin Gregg. That night Gen. Sheridan formed his cavalry in the path of Lee's retreat, locating Crook (Capt. Black) at Prospect station, Gen. Merritt (Capt. Blough) at Buffalo Creek, and sent Gen. MacKenzie (Capt. Hads) on a reconnaissance along the Lynchburg railroad.
    Gen. Grant and Gen. Meade were with the army in the vicinity of Farmville. At noon Grant became satisfied that further bloodshed could not be justified by Gen. Lee, as he was facing the inevitable. Gens. Ord and Gibbon (Capts. Hodge and Burke) visited Gen. Grant, who spoke to them in reference to opening negotiations with Lee to stop the further useless sacrifice of life. Of this they fully approved. At 5 p. m. Gen. Grant sent the historical communication to Lee, asking for his surrender, through Gen. Humphrey's corps (Capt. Fite), which lay the nearest to Lee's line. Lee replied within an hour, but Grant did not receive it until nearly midnight. It was followed by other communications until the final surrender. On the afternoon of the 8th, Gen. Grant left Farmville and crossed the Appomattox, camping with Gen. Meade at Curdsville that night.


    It will be recalled that Lee evacuated Petersburg Sunday night, April 2. On Monday morning Gen. Griffin's 5th Corps (Capt. Powell Stackhouse) was at Sutherland's Station, ten miles west of Petersburg. Gen. Humphreys' corps (Capt.. Fite) and Gen. Parke's 9th Corps (Capt. Samuel W. Davis), which had lain southwest of Petersburg, took up their march in the rear of Gen. Ord's Army of the James (the 54th Regiment, Capt. Hodge and Capt. Burke) in the pursuit. On the 6th nearly the entire army was in the vicinity of Jetersville, excepting Gen. Ord,

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