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History of Cambria County, V.2

directed Merritt (Capt. Blough) to close in at Jetersville, and ordered Gen. McKenzie (Capt. Hads) to follow Lee. He also sent staff officers to hurry up Griffin's corps (Capt. Stackhouse). In his Memoirs he says the corps arrived that evening "tired men," who had "redoubled their strides." Gen. Merritt and Gen. Crook with their commands also arrived at the same time.
    Gen. Humphreys with his 2d Corps (Capt. Fite) arrived at 3 p. m. on April 5. Gen. Meade reached Sheridan about an hour earlier than Humphreys' corps, but he was ill, and requested Sheridan to put his troops in position. Griffin's corps (Capt. Stackhouse) was entrenched across the Amelia Court House road, facing north. The 6th Corps was placed on its right and the 2d (Capt. Fite) on its left.
    Gen. Davies' brigade of cavalry, sent on a reconnaissance, found that Lee was trying to escape by moving westward north of Amelia Court House. Gen. Grant was then with Gen. Ord, who was in the advance in the pursuit of the retreating army. Gen. Sheridan sent a dispatch to Grant stating the situation, and expressed a wish that he were with him. Grant immediately started to meet Sheridan, reaching his headquarters about midnight. Grant, Meade and Sheridan held a conference, when Meade requested that Griffin's 5th Corps (Capt. Stackhouse) should be returned to him. This was done the next morning.


    Gen. Sheridan declares this battle one of the most severe combats of the war, but owing to the surrender of Gen. Lee three days thereafter it has been overshadowed by those eventful days. It resulted in the capture of Gen. Ewell and his corps, which included five other general officers.
    It has been observed that Gen. Grant and Gen. Sheridan were so vigorous in their pursuit and attacks on Gen. Lee that he could not assemble his army at Amelia Court House, but the night of the 5th passed by it to the north, in his efforts to reach Lynchburg. At this time Sheridan's cavalry (Capts. Black, Hads and Blough), Humphreys' 2d Dorps (Capt. Fite), Griffin's 5th Corps (Capt. Stackhouse), and the 6th Corps were at Jetersville. On the morning of the 6th Gen. Humphreys' corps (Capt. Fite), discovering that Lee was passing to the north of Amelia Court House, moved to Deatonville. Gen. Griffin (Capt. Stackhouse) passed through Painesville on the right of Humphreys. Sheridan's cavalry was on the extreme left flank of Grant's army,

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