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History of Cambria County, V.2

    White Oak Road, March 31, 1865: John Kagarice, private, killed. Wounded: Gilson Boler and Augustus Keiflin, privates.
    Lewis Farm, March 29, 1865: Wounded: Sergeant William J. Jefferson, Corporal Edward C. Thomas, Privates John D. Allstadt, John Custer, Henry Dible.
    Five Forks, April 1, 1865: Wounded: Private John Gillinger.


    This was one of the assaults made in pursuance to the general attack made by Gen. Grant on Lee's intrenchments after the battle of Five Forks. It was a desperate hand-to-hand conflict, and Johnstown had five companies in the action.

Captain. Co. Regiment. Brigade. Division. Corps.
John L. Decker A 54th Pa. Inf
A. P. Moulton
W. B. Curtis
John W. Turner
John Gibbon
Geo. B. Stineman C Same Same Same Same
Bartholomew Kane E Same Same Same Same
John McCune H Same Same Same Same
Henry Shick I Same Same Same Same

    It is usually known as Fort Gregg, but it is properly designated at Battery Gregg. There were three strongholds at Petersburg called Forts Gregg, two of them Union and one Confederate, the latter being on the outer line of Lee's intrenchments. The principal one under Gen. Grant was less than a mile west of Fort Lee, at the southwest angle of Lee's powerful line of defenses, and the other one was two miles south of it, near Peebles' Farm. The battery known as Fort Gregg was located west by north of Fort Lee, north of Grant's Fort Gregg and west of Indiantown creek, which flows north into the Appomattox river.
    At 1 p. m. the assault was made. Lieut.-Col. J. H. Duncan with about 300 men and two rifled cannon made a desperate defense, but in a half hour the assaulting column had taken the parapets; then a bloody hand-to-hand struggle continued until 2:30 p. m. Fifty-seven of the enemy were dead and about 250, including the wounded, were taken prisoners. Maj. Nathan Davis had been wounded early in the combat, but he gallantly led his men and had surmounted the parapets when he was killed. Color Bearer James P. Ryan was also killed as he was planting his flag on the rampart. It was on this day that Capt. Decker was promoted to major and John McCune was commissioned Captain of Company H.

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