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History of Cambria County, V.2

and Blough) were in the vicinity of Dinwiddie, and that morning Gen. Humphreys' 2d Corps (Capt. Fite) and Gen. Warren's 5th Corps (Capt. Stackhouse) closed in on the White Oak road on Lee's right. Willcox's Confederate division came out of the intrenchments, attacked Warren's corps (Capt. Stackhouse), but were driven back. Warren's advance line (Capt. Stackhouse) was then within 600 years of the White Oak road. On the 31st, Lee ordered another attack, which was made by Hunton's and Wise's brigades in front and McGarvan's and Gracie's on the left. Ayres' and Crawford's divisions of Warren's corps were driven back in confusion upon Gen. Griffin's division (Capt. Stackhouse), which checked the advance. Gen. Miles with two brigades of Humphreys' corps (Capt. Fite) struck Wise's brigade on the left flank and drove it back, when the enemy retreated, and Warren (Capt. Stackhouse) pushed his advance across the White Oak road. On the 31st, the corps of Warren and Humphreys lost 1,311 in killed and wounded and 556 missing, while Lee lost 1,235.
    On the night of the 30th Gen. George Pickett, in command of Gens. W. H. F. Lee, Rosser, and Fitzhugh Lee's divisions of cavalry with five brigades of infantry, marched down the White Oak road to five Forks, between which and Dinwiddie Sheridan's cavalry (Capts. Black and Blough) were located. When the enemy came out Sheridan brought Custer's division (Capt. Blough) with two brigades of infantry and some artillery and barricaded the road about 4,000 yards northwest of Dinwiddie Court House, behind which Gibbs' and Gregg's cavalry (Capt. Black) rallied. Smith's brigade, which was pressed back, formed on the left.
    On Friday, 31st, the 198th Pennsylvania Infantry (Capt. Stackhouse) moved out the Boydton Plank road passing Mrs. Buller's house, where its division (Griffin's) massed. Their brigade then formed on the bank of Gravelly Run at the point where the bridge formerly stood. Gen. Chamberlain (Capt. Stackhouse) located several pieces of artillery for an anticipated attack. When Ayres' and Crawford's divisions were being driven back the enemy, flushed with some success, came to the very bank of a branch of the run, when Chamberlain charged the location of his batteries and brought the 198th Regiment, commanded by Maj. E. A. Glenn, into the interval facing the enemy's line and opened a heavy fire of artillery and musketry which checked its advance. At this moment Gen. Warren and

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