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History of Cambria County, V.2

advanced on a double-quick under a galling fire, and the men were not permitted to return the fire until they got very close. The advancing column was twice checked by the fierce fire but the men renewed the assault. The left flank was in danger of being turned when the battery directed its fire to that point. The enemy then attacked the center, which stood firm, and then turned to the right of the 198th Regiment, which wavered under the fierce attack.
    Under Gen. Sickel and Gen. Chamberlain, who had been wounded a few minutes previously, the regiment rallied and drove the enemy back into its works. Maj. Charles I. Maceuen was killed, and Gen. Sickel wounded. The enemy turned to the left with a terrific force, then Gen. Chamberlain changed the direction of the fire of the battery and also threw solid shot into their ranks. Col. A. L. Pearson's regiment was brought into the center, a splendid dash was made on the works and the enemy was routed.
    The opposing forces consisted of Gen. Bushrod Johnson's and Anderson's divisions. The loss in the 1st Brigade was 367 killed and wounded, of which nearly one-half were from the 198th Regiment. Gen. Sickel very properly praised the courage of Gen. Chamberlain by saying: “General, you have the courage of the lion and the gentleness of a woman.” Whereupon the general replied: “No, Sickel; it was your heroism and example that saved the day.” It was a magnificent engagement which called for the congratulations from Maj.-Gen. George G. Meade, Maj.-Gen. G. K. Warren, Gen. J. L. Chamberlain and Gen. Charles Griffin, which follow:

First Division, Fifth Army Corps.
March 30, 1865.
Special Orders, No. 36.
    The general commanding congratulates the troops of this division, and especially those of the 1st Brigade (198th), upon the gallantry displayed by them in the attack upon the enemy yesterday, and the firmness with which they met and repulsed a counter attack made by largely superior numbers. * * * The behavior of the entire division was such as to elicit the written commendation of the major-general commanding the army.
By Command of Brevet Maj.-Gen. GRIFFIN.


    Maj.-Gen. Sheridan was in command of Gen. Grant's left line of battle. On the 30th Sheridan's cavalry (Capts. Black

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