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History of Cambria County, V.2

ward J. Humphreys, color bearers (of Company C), who were always to be seen in advance. A considerable number of prisoners were sent to the rear, estimated at 350. * * *
G. W. FREDERICKS, Lieut.-Col. Commanding.


    Fort Sedgwick was located at the southeast angle of Lee's lines of outer intrenchments at Petersburg, nearly opposite Fort Mahone. The former was known as “Fort Hell” and the latter as “Fort Damnation.”
    Gen. Hartranft was in command of the assault on Fort Sedgwick, made at the same time the general attack was commenced on Lee's intrenchments. Capt. S. W. Davis' Company C of the 209th Pennsylvania Infantry, from Ebensburg, was active in the fight. There were three charges made upon the fort before it was captured at about 3 o'clock on the morning of the 3d. These troops entered Petersburg about 4:45 a. m. and Gen. Hartranft claimed that his command was the first to enter the besieged city.


    On the night of March 28, Gen. Grant ordered a general movement to destroy the railroads leading into Petersburg from the south, to force Gen. Lee out of his intrenchments. This action was the immediate beginning of the end of the war. Gen. Griffin's Division (Capt. Stackhouse) of Gen. Warren's 5th Corps moved at 3 a. m. on the 29th, on a double-quick step, crossed the Rowanty Run, and pushed westward on the Monk's Neck road to the Quaker road; thence turned north to reach the Boydton road at Rainies. Gen. Chamberlain's brigade (Capt. Stackhouse's Company F, of the 198th Pennsylvania Infantry, the only Cambria county company in this engagement) led the division and met the enemy's pickets at the crossing on Gravelly Run.
    The picket line being driven back, the enemy was found posted behind earthworks near an old saw mill. A field about one thousand yards square was bordered with heavy timber on either side, in which sharpshooters were posted. Gen. Chamberlain placed the 198th Regiment on the right, dividing it into two battalions, with Gen. Horatio G. Sickel and Maj. E. A. Glenn in command of the respective battalions. He placed the 185th New York on the left with Col. Sniper in command, and Battery B under Lieut. Mitchell between the two regiments. The line

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