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History of Cambria County, V.2

companies to the Union army, one in the western branch and the others in the Army of the Potomac, or the eastern part of it, and of them thirteen were with Grant in the final struggle and surrender.
    Grant's maneuvers and fighting in the last two months of the war were never surpassed in any conflict of arms. Few equal them, if any. The last few weeks, or beginning about March 25th, were brilliant for day and night marches, for assaults and general engagements, for military sagacity, endurance, patriotism and gallantry. No fiction can approach it, and no history excells it.


    Gen. Grant desired to cut the Confederate line of communication running through Dinwiddie Court House to Petersburg by the Boydton plank road. On February 5 he directed Gen. Gregg's cavalry division (Capt. Black) to march to Dinwiddie early in the morning by the way of Ream's Station. He also ordered Gen. Warren's 5th Corps (Capt. Stackhouse) to cross Hatcher's Run and support Gen. Gregg. Gen. Humphreys of the 2d Corps (Capt. Fite) sent two divisions (Capt. Fite) of infantry to the crossing of the Vaughan road at the Run, and to Armstrong's Mill. Gen. Humphreys was to keep open the communications with Gen. Warren, who was four miles away.
    After severe skirmishing Humphreys pushed Gen. Mott's division (Capt. Fite) to the south side of Hatcher's Run and established Smyth's division at Armstrong's Mill, on the north side. About 5 p. m. parts of A. P. Hill's and Gordon's forces attacked Smyth, but were repulsed. Smyth was reinforced by Gen. Hartranft's division of the 9th Corps. Gen. Gregg (Capt. Black) captured some prisoners and wagons and fell back to Warren (Capt. Stackhouse) early in the morning of the 6th.
    About 1 p. m. Warren moved along with Vaughan and Dabney Mills road, with Gen. Gregg's cavalry (Capt. Black) in support. Gregg was attacked by a part of Pegram's division of infantry, but he held his own and with the support of Griffin's division (Capt. Stackhouse) drove him back. Reinforcements were made on both sides, however; the enemy advanced, driving Warren (Capt. Stackhouse) back in some confusion, but a part of his corps rallied around Wheaton's division and checked the foe. During the night of the 6th the enemy retired and in the morning Grant's lines were extended to Hatcher's Run at the

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