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History of Cambria County, V.2

railroad, and believing that Lee's works did not reach beyond the Boydton plank road, he ordered Hancock (Capt. Fite) and Warren (Capt. Powell Stackhouse) and part of the 9th Corps, with Gen. Gregg's division of cavalry (Capt. Black), to make the attack. Hancock had almost 38,000 men, and moved in three columns to the scene of action. Warren's 5th Corps (Capt. Stackhouse) was on the left of the 9th Corps, and crossing Hatcher's Run, attempted to take possession of the bridge on the Boydton plank road where it crossed the stream, but they were repulsed.
    Hancock's 2d Corps (Capt. Fite) and Gen. Gregg's cavalry (Capt. Black) forced their passage over Hatcher's Run on the Vaughan road, and reaching the Boydton plank road, moved down it to the Burgess Tavern. Near the bridge over that run the infantry was checked.
    Just about the time Hancock had effected the crossing Gen. Warren was ordered to recross the assault the enemy in the rear, while Griffin's division (Capt. Stackhouse) were to make the assault in the front. Gen. Hancock was advised of this movement, and ordered his troops to attempt to carry the bridge in his front and gain some high ground beyond. At 4:30 p. m. Hancock was about to start his troops on this movement when suddenly Gen. Heth, with his division and a part of Mahone's, appeared. Having discovered an interval in the line, Heth penetrated it and made a vigorous attack on Hancock's (Capt. Fite) right flank, throwing it into confusion and capturing many prisoners. About the time Heth was attacking the right flank, Gen. Wade Hampton with his cavalry attacked Hancock's left and rear. The magnificent Hancock, who seemed to be always equal to the occasion, whether a victory or a defeat, reformed his lines, and with Warren (Capt. Stackhouse) and Gregg's cavalry (Capt. Black) made a charge. Gen. Egan with two brigades struck the enemy's flank and broke it, producing a complete rout. The object Gen. Grant desired to obtain having been defeated, the troops were withdrawn during the night and moved back into the intrenchments. Grant's losses were 1,902 and Lee's 1,000.

    The following are Gen. Meade's orders authorizing the award of merit to Capt. Ryckman's and Capt. Stackhouse's companies:

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