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History of Cambria County, V.2

their entrenchments at Globe Tavern, on the Halifax road near the junction of the United States Military railroad and the Weldon & Petersburg railroad, and marched west to Poplar Spring Church, a distance of three miles. Here they found the enemy's picket line, which was driven in, and the advance continued until they came under a brisk fire at Peebles' Farm, a mile northwest of the church and near Fort Gregg. The enemy's works were held by A. P. Hill's infantry and Dearing's brigade of cavalry. Our troops made a gallant charge and captured the works, with a number of prisoners.
    Gen. Sickles, the brigade commander, in referring to it, said that a regimental commander, not mentioning his name, had misunderstood the order, and filed his regiment into a piece of woods in the rear, leaving his left exposed. When the right of the line reached the enemy's works he found his flanks threatened, which might have resulted in disaster but for the discerning sagacity of Capt. John E. Parsons, adjutant-general of the brigade, who galloped through a storm of bullets, reformed the regiment and, directing the charge in person, routed the enemy. The result was a complete victory.
    At the time of the engagement at Peebles' Farm and Poplar Spring Church, Capt. Skelly's Company G was a part of the Army of the James, under Gen. A. V. Kautz, but it was temporarily assigned to Gen. Warren by this order:

August 18, 1864
    Col. S. P. Spear: I am instructed by the general commanding to inform you that the * * * Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry were placed at the disposal of Gen. Warren, who can make such disposition of them as he wishes. * * *
M. J. ASCH, A. A. A. Gen.


    This was the second engagement in which Capt. Ryckman's company, then commanded by Capt. Black, and the company of Capt. Powell Stackhouse, received distinguished honors for valorous and gallant services while in action. The Cambria county troops engaged were:

Captain Co. Regiment Brigade Division Corps.
Thomas D. Black F 21st Pa. Cav.
O. B. Knowles
Chas. H. Smith
D. McM. Gregg
John G. Parke.
Jno. B. Fite D 110th Pa. Inf.
Wm. Stewart
P. R. de Trobriand
Gershom Mott.
W. S. Hancock.
P. Stackhouse F 198th Pa. Inf.
E. A. Glenn
H. G. Sickel
Chas. Griffin
G. K. Warren

    Gen. Grant desired to extend his lines to the South Side

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