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History of Cambria County, V.2

    Afterward again moved back with the detachment to a new position in rear of the 6th Corps. After this the respective brigades and divisions being again reformed, my regiment conformed to the movements of its own brigade during the remainder of the day, which was that of a reserve and support to artillery, until evening, when it advanced with the whole line to Cedar Creek, going into bivouac on nearly the same ground occupied before.
    I am, colonel, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant.
Capt. Commanding 54th P. V. I.

    Four companies from Cambria county were in the engagement at Poplar Spring Church and Peebles' Farm, Va., September 29 to October 2, 1864. They were:

Co. Captain. Regiment Brigade. Division. Corps.
G James A. Skelly 11th Pa. Cav.
Col. F. A. Stratton
S. P. Spear
A. V. Kautz
W. F. Smith.
F Richard Ryckman 21st Pa. Cav.
O. B. Knowles
E. M. Gregory
Chas. Griffin
D John B. Fite 110th Pa. Inf.
William Stewart
P. R. de Trobriand
Gershom Mott.
W. S. Hancock.
F Powell Stackhouse 198th Pa. Inf.
Edwin A. Glenn
H. G. Sickel
Chas. Griffin
G. K. Warren

    Capt. Ryckman's company of cavalrymen were yet dismounted and were equipped and fought as infantry. Capt. Stackhouse's company left Philadelphia with the regiment on September 19, 1864, and eleven days thereafter they were under fire, and, with Capt. Ryckman's company, two days later, rendered such service at Peebles' Farm as to merit the distinguished honors of Gen. Meade, who by an order, elsewhere appearing, authorized the 198th Regiment to have inscribed on their colors and guidons the significant words of “Peebles' Farm” and “Hatcher's Run,” with these additions for the 21st Cavalry: “Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Weldon Railroad, Poplar Spring Church, Boydton Road, and Belfield.” It is not exactly accurate that the 21st should use the words “Peebles' Farm” on their colors, but it was authorized to use the words “Poplar Spring Church,” and as will hereafter appear, it was substantially the same engagement. These companies and Capt. Fite's Co. D are the only companies from Cambria who have been specifically distinguished in this manner; other companies were honored in a different way.
    On September 30, at 7:30 a. m., these companies in Griffin's division, in pursuance to the order of Gen. Meade, moved out of

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