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History of Cambria County, V.2

to move my 3d Brigade (Co. D, 115th Pennsylvania ) to the rear of the right of Gen. Birney's division and make it subject to his order for support, which was accordingly done.
    About 4 p. m., in compliance with Gen. Sickles' orders, I moved my division forward, so that the first line ran along the Emmittsburg road a short distance behind the crest upon which that road lies.
    My infantry now engaged the enemy's but my left was in air (although I extended it as far as possible with my 2d Brigade) and being the only troops on the field, the enemy's whole attention was directed to my division which was forced back slowly, firing as the receded. * * * At this time I received orders from Gen. Birney to withdraw to the Round Top ridge. This order I complied with, retiring very slowly, continuing the contest with the enemy, whose fire of artillery and infantry was destructive in the extreme.
    Upon arriving at the crest of the ridge (cemetery) mentioned, the remnants of my division formed on the left of Gen. Hancock's troops, where artillery opened upon the enemy, about 100 yard distant.
    The infantry joined and the enemy broke and was driven from the field, rapidly followed by Hancock's troops and the remnants of my two brigades, who took many prisoners and brought off two pieces of our artillery which had been left after all the horses killed. It was now near dusk and the contest for the day was closed. Its severity may be judged by the fact that the loss in killed, wounded and missing of my division, 5,000 stron, was 2,002, of whom 170 were officers, and 1,922 were enlisted men.
    The * * * 115th Pennsylvania, Maj. Dunne, were sent to the support of Gen. Ward's brigade.
    * * * The enemy having been driven from the field. I formed my division on the left of Hancock's corps (Second) along the Round Top ridge (cemetery) where it remained during the night.
    Friday, July 3, 1863. Third day. At daylight the enemy opened a brisk artillery fire upon my division, which, however was soon abated. About sunrise, by order of Gen. Birney (who succeeded Maj. Gen. Sickles, who had been severely wounded near the peach orchard the day before). I moved my division to the left and rear, to resupply ammunition, distribute rations and bring up stragglers. My 3d Brigade (Co. D, 115th P. V.) joined me here. * * *
A. A. Humphreys, Maj. Gen. Vols.

Mine Run, Virginia.

    After the battle of Gettysburg,. Gen. Meade followed Lee to the vicinity of Culpeper and remained there until late in the fall. On November 26 he crossed the Rapidan river at different

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