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History of Cambria County, V.2

them in their respective organizations, but will follow them by Corps to which they belong. Meade had seven corps and Lee had three, but the latter had almost double the number of men in each. There were two companies from Johnstown and one from Ebensburg actively engaged:

Captain Co. Regiment. Brigade. Division. Corps.
Daniel D. Jones A 11th Pa. Reserves
S.M. Jackson
J.W. Fisher
S.W. Crawford
Geo. Sykes.
David Hamilton K 18th Pa. Cav.
E. Farnsworth K.
N. P. Richmond.
J. Kilpatrick
A. Pleasanton
John B. Fite D 115th Pa. Inf.
J. P. Dunne
W.J. Sewell
A.A. Humphreys
D.S. Sickles, W
D. B. Birney.

    The following shows the marches made each day and the location of both armies from the time Lee left Fredricksburg until they met on the field at Gettysburg:

June 3, 1863

Lee's Movements   Hooker's Movements.
    Lee had Stuart's cavalry located at Culpeper, Va., with Hill's and Longstreet's Corps moving in that direction, leaving Ewell's Corps at Fredericksburg.       Gen. Hooker's army was in camp at Falmouth on the opposite side of the Rappahannock river from Fredericksburg.
    June 6th Longstreet's Corps was at Culpeper.       Sykes' 5th Corps was moving up the north side of the Rappahannock, just above Falmouth.
    June 12th Ewell was at Front Royal in the Shenandoah Valley, Longstreet at Culpeper, and Hill still at Fredericksburg.       Sickles' 3d Corps, a part of which was Capt. Fite's company, was at Bealeton, northeast of Culpeper, Sykes' Corps still at Falmouth, Va.
    June 13th Ewell now at Winchester and Martinsburg; Longstreet at Culpeper with Stuart's cavalry. Hill moving towards Culpeper.       Sickles' Corps was northeast of Bealeton, and Skyes' Corps still at Falmouth, Va.
    June 17th Ewell at Shepherdstown ford, on the Potomac river, and at Winchester. Longstreet on the west side of the Blue Ridge at Ashby's Gap. Hill at Culpeper and Stuart at Aldie, Va.       Pleasanton's cavalry with Capt. Hamilton's company were at Aldie. Sickles and Sykes were at Manassas Junction. Reynolds' 1st Corps being in the advance at Dranesville, Va.
    June 24th Ewell at Greenwood, Chambersburg and McConnellsburg, Pa., and Longstreet at Hagerstown, Md., Hill at Boonsborough, Md., and Stuart's cavalry at Snicker's Gap, Ashby's Gap, and Salem, Va.       Sickles' at Gum Spring, Va., and Sykes' Corps at Alide; as was Pleasanton's cavalry. On the 25th the 11th Penna. Reserves, Capt. Jones' company, left camp at Vienna, Va., to join Crawford's Division in Sykes' 5th Corps.
    June 28th Ewell at York and Carlisle, Pa., with Jenkins' brigade of Cavalry between Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg. Hill at Greenwood and Longstreet at Chambersburg. Stuart's cavalry at Rockville, Md., between Hooker's army and Washington City.       Sickles' (Captain Fite) just north of Frederick, Md., and Kilpatrick's cavalry (Capt. Hamilton) in the advance of Sickles' Corps.
    Sykes' Corps (Capt. Jones) just south of Frederick. Gen. Meade succeeds Hooker at Frederick. Capt. Jones' company joins the 5th Corps at this place and date.
    June 29th Hill at Fairfield and Greenwood, Pa. Ewell and Longstreet at Chambersburg, with a por-       Sickles' Corps (Capt. Fite) was at Taneytown, Md. Sykes' (Capt. Jones) on the south side of Pipe

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