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History of Cambria County, V.2

that night at the edge of the woods in rear of the Fitzhugh mansion.
    The next morning (April 29th) it marched to the bridges which were laid at the mouth of Pollock's Mill Creek. During the afternoon the enemy shelled this position, killing and wounding several officers and enlisted men, when I moved the division back to the cover of the River road, where it rested in safety.
    On Saturday morning (April 30), I received orders to march to the United States Ford, which I crossed about sunset and proceeded in the direction of Chancellorsville.
    I was then directed to take up a position on and covering the Hunting Creek road.
    Arriving at that point at 1 o'clock on Sunday morning, I immediately deployed one regiment of each brigade, and pushed them forward (two in front and one on the right) to feel the enemy and establish them as pickets.
    The 2d Brigade, Baxter (Co. K, 136th Penns.) and the 3d Brigade, Leonard's were then established in line of battle to the left of the road. The 1st Brigade, Root's was formed with its left in the road and extending its right down the creek. I then directed breastworks to be built, and, although the men were greatly fatigued, they went cheerfully to work, and in the course of the day completed a formidable line of rifle pits.
    At an early hour on Sunday morning a German battery of light 12-pounder guns was sent to me and placed in positoiin, with orders to hold it at all hazards.
    When the firing commenced on my left, and while I was for a moment absent from the right, this battery was withdrawn from its position, and in the most cowardly manner fled, with the horses upon a run, in the direction of our bridges at the United States Ford. I regret I do not know the commander's name, that he might meet the reward which his dastardly and treacherous conduct deserves.
    Fortunately our own batteries arrived soon after. Ransom's (Co. C, Fifth U.S. artillery) light 12-pounders were put in position on the right to sweep the sloping ground, and Hall's (second Maine battery) 3-inch rifled guns to reach the heights beyond. Stewart, with his battery (B) Fourth U. S. Artillery of light 12-pounders was placed in position toward the left of my line.
    My command soon felt perfectly secure in its position and awaited the arrival of the enemy with impatience. Leppien's, Fifth Maine Battery, attached to this division, was engaged in another part of the field, and suffered very severely. Thompson's Independent Pennsylvania was also detached. About 100 prisoners were taken and sent in by my pickets.
    On Monday, May 4, I was directed to make a reconnoissance on the road leading to Ely's Ford. For this I selected the 12th and 13th Massachusetts and a section of Hall's battery. After

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