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History of Cambria County, V.2

and when Pope fell back Lee was the master of the situation. On September 2, Pope withdrew his army to the defenses of Washington City.


    The report of Col. Thompson, 115th Pennsylvania Volunteers:
Camp near Alexandria.
September 6, 1862
    * * * the part taken in the actions of the 27th (Kettle Run, Va.) Groveton, Va., 28th and 29the (Friday, Second Bull Run) and 30th of September. 1862, by the 115th Pennsylvania Volunteers:
    In the action of Bristoe Station I formed line of battle in the rear of the scene of action by order of the colonel commanding, acting as a support to regiments then engaged. After remaining about fifteen minutes in my first position, was ordered to the front.
    I passed by the left flank along the road leading through the woods to the open ground in front. On emerging from the woods was met by a destructive cross fire from infantry and artillery, suffering a serious loss in officers and men. Not having received orders as to the position to be taken, I was at a loss to know where to post my command. Finding that there was an interval to the right of the 5th New Jersey, I formed my left flank to the right flank of that regiment, closing the interval between their flank and the woods.
    The right wing of my command I threw into the woods to clear it from parties of the enemy then occupying it. After firing four rounds I charged the enemy, who were posted in force behind the bed of the railroad, supported by two pieces of artillery on the height immediately in their rear. When the charge was made the enemy fled, pursued by my regiment and the 5th New Jersey. After crossing the railroad I rallied my command and formed line of battle in rear of the 5th New Jersey, awaiting further orders.
    Second Bull Run, Friday, August 29, 1862:
    In the action of 29th ultimo at Bull Run, moved into the woods with brigade, taking position assigned by the commandant of the brigade, my right flank connecting with the left of the 7the New Jersey, my left flank connecting with the right of the 6th New Jersey.
    After I had taken my first position, which was about 20 yards in rear of the road in front of the woods, by permission of the commandant I moved my command forward to the road to support the 7th New Jersey and gain a position in which I could deliver a more effective fire upon the enemy. During the engagement my command charged across the road up to the ravine behind which the enemy were concealed. Owing to the

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