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History of Cambria County, V.2

The troops of this corps remained in position occupied on November 30 until the 9th instant.
    Dec. 9. The late Provisional Brigade and portions of the 1st and 2nd Divisions moved about 20 miles to the left, in support of troops of the 5th and 2d Corps, engaged in destroying the Weldon railroad.
    11th. The troops returned and resumed their respective positions.
    15th. The late Provisional Brigade was organized into two brigades, and designated 3d Division, as per Paragraph V, Special Orders, No. 256, from headquarters Ninth Army Corps.
    15th to 31st. Nothing of importance occurred along the lines of this corps, and the troops remained in position occupied at date of last report.
    Jan., 1865. The troops occupy the same position as at date of last return.
    Feb. 5. The 3d Division (209th) moved to the left near Hatcher's Run, where it remained under the orders of Maj. Gen. Humphreys until the evening of the 10th.
    10th. It was relieved and returned to its former camp. During the month large fatigue details have been kept at work repairing the works and defenses on rear line, and much attention has been given to the drill and discipline of the command.
    Mar. 1 to 25. Remained in camp * * * from the Appomattox to Fort Howard.
    25th. At 4:30 a.m,. the enemy advanced and captured Fort Steadman and the adjacent batteries. The brigade was marched forward to support the 1st Division of the 9th Corps. The movements of the 200th and 209th Pennsylvania Volunteers (Co. C) were personally directed by Gen. Hartranft. Their regiments were stationed on the right of the line, in front of the camp of the 200th Pennsylvania. The 208th went into position near Fort Haskell. The regiments charged on Fort Steadman and the batteries (now in possession; of the enemy), in connection with the Second Brigade, with a loss of 2 officers and 16 men killed, 14 officers and 190 men wounded. The brigade returned to camp, where it still remains. Fort Steadman was retaken by 8:30 a. m.
    April 1. In the night a demonstration was made on the rebel lines, in front of the position occupied by this brigade, in front of Petersburg, Va. The rebels were found in force, and no determined attack was made.
    2d. Before daybreak the whold brigade, with the exception of the 51st Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers, which was ordered to hold the line occupied by the brigade, made an assault on the work of the enemy to the right of Fort Sedgwick. Their line was carried with great gallantry five pieces of artillery were captured; also, the entire garrison of Fort Mahone

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