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History of Cambria County, V.2

new camp and has been busily engaged in doing picket duty and fatigue duty and in erecting quarters.
    March 25. The brigade left camp at Hatcher's Run, Va., in the morning, and with the balance of the division supported the Second Corps in their attack on the enemy's lines, returning to camp the same night.
    March 29. Broke camp in the morning; met the enemy on Lewis' Farm, near Gravelly Run, Va., and after a desperate engagement of nearly two hours, being reinforced by three regiments from the Third Brigade, drove him from the field. The loss in killed and wounded was severe. Bivouacked on the field of battle.
    March 31. In the morning, advanced on the enemy and drove him from his defenses in White Oak road and turned the breastworks; bivouacked for the night; our losses were light.
    April 1. The brigade resumed the march at 6:30 a. m. and with the corps joined Gen. Sheridan's command at 8:30 a. m. at Five Forks. The corps engaged the enemy about 3:30 p. m., and after a severe battle, with the assistance of the cavalry, drove him completely from the field, capturing 5 guns, 12 battle flags and 3,244 prisoners. About 5 p. m. Maj.-Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren was relieved from the command of the corps by Maj.-Gen. P. H. Sheridan, and Bt.-Brig.-Gen. Charles Griffin assigned to the command.
    Apr. 2. Marched at 6 a. m. toward the Claiborne road; returned to the White Oak road; thence down the Ford road across Hatcher's Run to Cox's Station, on the South Side railroad, capturing 1 engine and 3 cars, and tore up the track; continued on march to the junction of the Namozine and River roads. Marched 20 miles.
    April 3. Marched down the River Road, bridging and crossing Namozine creek; picked up many straggling rebels, who were concealed in the woods. At 6:30 p. m. received the news of the capture of Petersburg and the evacuation of Richmond. Halted near Deep creek and bivouacked for the night, after a march of 23 miles.
    April 4. Marched at 5 a .m. via Dennisville, arriving at Jetersville, on the Danville railroad, at 5:20 p. m.; went into position and threw up a line of breastworks; marched 25 miles.
    April 5. Remained in position all day.
    April 6. Marched at 6 a. m. toward Amelia Court House; thence along the Prideville road, via Paineville, to the vicinity of Ligontown, marching about 32 miles. Picked up today 300 prisoners and destroyed a number of rebel wagons and caissons.
    April 7. Marched at 5:30 a. m., crossing Bush creek, to Prince Edward Court House, a distance of 18 miles.
    April 8. Marched at 6 a. m. moving up the Lynchburg railroad, via Prospect Station, followed by the 24th Corps; con-

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