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History of Cambria County, V.2

a number of the enemy, but they succeeded in carrying them off the field.
    (Nov. 18th.) We reached camp at 3 p. m. I am, Captain, with much respect.
Your obedient servant,
Col. 21st Penna. Cav. Commanding.
Capt. William M. Boone,
    A. A. G. 1st Division, Dept. of W. Va.
    Company F, in a reconnaissance in the Shenandoah Valley :
Charlestown, Va., January 4, 1864.
    Sir: I have the honor to report in obedience to orders from division headquarters of January 3, 1864, to proceed to Winchester to develop the force of the enemy, that I left Charlestown and went to Winchester, by way of Berryville. * * Upon nearing the town I divided my force, about 300 men, so as to cover all approaches or exits, except on the west side, and then dashed in simultaneously. A perfect skedaddle took place. We captured 6 and killed 1, and mortally wounded a Captain Armstrong. * * Imboden began falling back between 1 and 2 p. m. and was in Newtown at 6 p. m. to which place I drove his pickets and finally his rear guard. * *
    The following information was gleaned : Fitzhugh Lee's and Rosser's cavalry had avoided Winchester and gone toward Moorefield, W. Va., and to Paw Paw tunnel for the purpose of destroying it.
Colonel 21st Penna Cavalry.

    The 21st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Captain Ryckman :
Chambersburg, Pa., May 5, 1864.
    Major Vincent : The 21st regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry will leave Chambersburg for Washington at 6 a. m. on the 16th instant.
D. N. COUCH, Maj. Gen.
    On April 30, 1864, the 21st Pennsylvania Cavalry was in the Department of the Susquehanna, located at York, Pa., Col. Wm. H. Boyd.
    The Itinerary of Company F, 21st Pennsylvania Cavalry.
Capt. Ryckman :
    * * The date of this regiment joining the Army of the Potomac commences with the fourth epoch : we are therefore, unable to render any account of the first, second and third epochs :
    Wednesday, June 1. Our regiment crossed the Pamunkey river and arrived at the Army of the Potomac, and were

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