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History of Cambria County, V.2

    Casualties in action. Officers. Men.
Killed 4 44
Wounded 8 165
Captured or missing 13 334

25 543

Killed in action 4 44
Of Wounds 1 12
Of disease 2 209
Other causes 20

7 292
    Total enrollment about 2,020: 131 died in the hands of the enemy; 1 of wounds; 127 of disease; 1 of sunstroke, and 2 unknown.


Col. W. H. Boyd and Col. Oliver B. Knowles.
    Capt. Richard Ryckman's Compnay F of Johnstown was a part of this regiment. It was recruited in July and August, 1863, under the call of President Lincoln for cavalry for six months' service. When that term expired most of the men re-enlisted for a term of three years. On August 23, Companies C, E, K, H, L, and M were sent to Pottsville, and B to Gettysburg where there were serious difficulties in regard to the draft, which was being resisted. Company F and the four other companies were taken to the Shenandoah Valley, where they remained during the fall and winter.
    In January, 1864, the regiment was reorganized and remained at Chambersburg until May when with the exception of Company D which was at Scranton, it was ordered to Washington, where it was dismounted, and was assigned to the Second Brigade. First Division of the Fifth Corps of the Army of the Potomac. Gen. Grant's line was facing Lee at Cold Harbor when the regiment arrived on the field and it was immediately placed on the left of the Corps. Within a few minutes thereafter the enemy opened fire on the new men and many were killed and wounded. On June 3 it made a gallant charge with the loss of twenty-seven men. On June 18 it was fiercely assailed on the Petersburg and Suffolk railroad, where again many men were lost. Col. Knowles assumed command of the regiment here and served until the close of the war. On August 18 it made a descent on the Weldon railroad when it was attacked, and among the killed was Lieut. James Speer Orr, of Johnstown. About September 15 it was assignes to the First Brigade under Gen. Sickel, in which was Capt. Powell Stackhouse's Company F, of the 198th Regiment, also from Johnstown. On

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