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History of Cambria County, V.2

    Monday, 21. The brigade (Co. K) moved out at 7 a. m.
    Tuesday, 22. Engaged the enemy at Mount Jackson.
    Wednesday, 23. Returned to old camp, near Kearnstown, Va.
    Nov. 23 to 28. In camp doing picket and occasional scouts.
    Monday, 28. At 8 p. m. received orders to move at once. Moved out at 11 p. m. on the march and reached Wardenville at 11 a. m. on the 29th; halted three-quarters of an hour; encamped eleven miles from Moorefield.
    Wednesday, 30. Moved at 7 a. m. and reached Moorefield at 9 a. m. and halted until 3 p. m.., sending the 2d New York on a scout toward Petersurg ; marched at 3 p. m., and encamped at 9 p. m. at Pine Church.
    Thursday, Dec. 1, 1864, Marched at 7 a. m. and reached Cacapon Bridge at 9 a. m. and encamped.
    Friday, 2. Moved at 7 a. m. by way of Lockhart's and Petticoat Gap and reached camp at 1 p. m.
    Dec. 3 to 18. In camp near Kearnstown, doing picket and occasional scouts.
    Monday, 19. Marched at 6 a. m. and reached Woodstock at 6 p. m. and encamped.
    Tuesday, 20. Marched at 6. a. m. and reached Lacry's Springs at 6 p. m.
    Wednesday 21. The enemy's cavalry attempted to surprise our camp about 5 a. m. and were repulsed. At 7 a. m. marched, reaching Woodstock at 5 p. m., and encamped.
    Thursday, 22. Moved at 6 o'clock, reaching camp near Kearnstown at 3 p. m.
    Dec. 23 to 28. In camp doing picket duty.
    Wednesday, 28. Moved two miles and quarter from Winchester.
    Dec. 29 to 31. In camp, building winter quarters and doing picket duty.

    One day's destruction of property by our command:
September 30, 1864.
    Capt. Dana: I have the honor to report that my command destroyed 9 large mills and about 100 barns yesterday; the mills were filled with flour and wheat; the barns were filled with threshed wheat and hay. I also destroyed a large number of stacks of hay and grain found standing in the fields. I brought away about 150 head of beef cattle, or perhaps nearly 200 head; also about 500 head of sheep. No dwelling houses were destroyed or interfered with.
Very respectfully,
Brig.-Gen. Commanding Second Division.

    The engagement at Tom's Brook, October 9, 1864. Gen. Geo. A. Custer to Gen. Wilson:

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