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History of Cambria County, V.2

every point. I held the 1st West Virginia Cavalry in reserve until my other regiments (18th P.C.) had returned from the charges I had ordered, and opened with their rifles a heavy fire upon a column of the enemy advancing from the woods to attack the 2d Brigade as it was returning from a successful charge. Elder's battery was posted on my right flank and rear and pouring shot and shell into the enemy's ranks, and contributed in a great degree to our success. At one time the enemy attempted to charge the battery in flank, but the support, a battalion of the 5th New York, charged gallantly to the rescue and drove tem back with heavy loss. * * * This being concluded, I crossed the railroad bridge at Rappahannock Station and went into camp in that neighborhood.
    Monday, Oct. 12. I moved my command to Bealeton Station and camped near the wagon train of the army packed at that place.
    Tuesday, Oct. 13. At daylight I moved out the Fayetteville. I then marched to Buckland Mills, which I reached at 11 p.m.
    Wednesday, Oct. 14. Covering the rear of the division, I marched to Sudley Springs and went into camp. On leaving Buckland Mills a column of infantry came in sight, and their skirmishers attacked my rear guard, consisting of the 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Co. K), who repulsed with slight loss.
    Thursday, Oct, 15. I moved my brigade to the north bank of Bull Run and bivouacked near the Stone Bridge.
    Friday, Oct. 16. The enemy having advanced in his pickets to Groveton, I moved out to that point, attacked and drove them back as far as Gainesville. Night coming on prevented farther pursuit.
    Saturday, Oct. 17. Again skirmished, driving the enemy back without loss on our side, and moved my command to Carter's Farm, near Sudley's Springs.
    Sunday, Oct. 18. In the afternoon moved out on the Gainesville road and attacked the enemy's pickets and drove them as far as Gainesville. Here we halted for the night.
    Monday, Oct. 19. We followed Gen. Custer's brigade to Buckland Mills. At this point I was directed to take the advance, to move to New Baltimore, which point I was to hold, and then proceed as far as practicable in the direction of Warrenton. * * * We encountered the enemy's videttes, who fell back slowly. We drove them through New Baltimore and occupied the hills beyond. At New Baltimore I learned that Fitzhugh Lee's division of cavalry had turned to the right and gone off toward Thoroughfare Gap. * * * The firing in my rear growing heavier, I took the responsibility of countermarching my command, returning toward Buckland Mills. * * * Arriving within one mile of Buckland Mills, I learned that the enemy's infantry had driven Gen. Custer's command across

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