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History of Cambria County, V.2

able position. The 2d New York, though fighting against far superior numbers and unable to act in concert on account of the ground, fought very gallantly and did all that was required of them. They fell back gradually, fighting all the time until the whole of the battery and the 5th New York had crossed the river. * * * In the evening I again crossed the river; moved toward Barnett's Ford. My loss was 1 killed and 10 wounded, 4 officers and 69 men missing.
    Bristoe, Va., Oct. 9-22, 1863. Gen. Henry E. Davies, Jr., reports: Friday, Oct. 9, my brigade (Co. K) was picketing in a line from Russell's Ford, on Robertson's river, to Griffinsburg, on the Sperryville pike, near Hazel river. I had two regiments on the pike and the other two with Elder's battery, held in reserve in camp at Brown's Store, near James City.
    Saturday, Oct. 10. At daylight the enemy's cavalry in force crossed Robertson's river at Russell's Ford and attacked the 5th New York. They fell back slowly to James City, fighting along the road and giving me ample time to make the necessary disposition for defense. They advanced a large column along the James City road until they reached a point commanded by our artillery, which opened on them and drove them back. I maintained a line of pickets from my headquarters to Griffinsburg. * * * As I reported to Gen. Kilpatrick, the attack on our front was only made for the purpose, if possible, of masking the movement of their infantry and train along the base of the mountains to Woodville on the Sperryville pike. At night all firing ceased.
    Sunday, Oct. 11. Before dawn I was directed by Gen. Kilpatrick to retire on the Culpeper road at daylight, sending one regiment over to the Sperryville road to retire that way, protecting the infantry on that road. I fell back, unmolested, with three regiments and the battery. A squadron of the 2d New York was sent out from the Court House to reconnoiter the road by which the brigade came in. They were attacked on their return through Culpeper Court House, and nearly cut off. Capt. Griggs was killed; Lieut. Shafer wounded and taken prisoner. * * By the direction of Gen. Kilpatrick I fell back toward Brandy Station. On nearing Brandy Station we found the enemy had got between us and Gen. Buford's command, and the 2d Brigade, Custer's, was advanced to the front to charge. As they went forward I placed a section of my battery in position and opened fire; the enemy fell back toward my right flank. At the same moment a column of at least a brigade came down at full speed on my left, and a charge was made on the 2d New York in my rear. I sent Col. Sawyer with the 1st Vermont to my right, and with the 18th Pennsylvania (Capt. Hamilton's Co. K) charged the rebels on the left, and directed the 2d New York to attack in my rear. All these movements, I am happy to say, were most successful, and we repulsed the rebels at

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