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History of Cambria County, V.2

    Saturday, 20. It is said we are 9 miles from Fredericksburg, 3 from the Potomac and 3 from Rappahannock.
    Sabbath, 21. Last night was bitter cold, our tents were very comfortable. All our wounded taken to Washington; R. Hamilton is assisting in hospital, and W. B. Lowman is acting steward.
    Monday, 22. At 9 began a 1 ˝-mile march, where we were told to prepare for winter quarters; we are about 2 miles from Belle Pains Landing on the Potomac; boats run from there to Washington. We have a good location and good water and plenty of timber for log huts and fuel; our regiment is the last one down the stream, or the left of the brigade, and our company on the extreme left. The next regiment is the 90th Penna., then 26th N.Y., then 12th Mass.
    Thursday, 25, Christmas. Still putting up log houses; they are well laid out; a street of 15 feet between each company, and a walk of 3 feet between each hut; the house is 15 front and 12 back, with chimney built of wood and mortar in left; there is no stone in this vicinity. There are ten men in each house; the roof is made of gum blankets. Our mess is Atkins, McKee, Martin, Hartzell, Mangus, McCurdy, James Smith, Sawyer and self. We celebrated Christmas by cooking bean soup, which was very good. Capt. Hite and Lieut. Tommins sent to Washington sick on the second of January, '63.
    January, 1863. Tuesday, 6. Picket duty is very severe here; our company (48) is so small that those who are able have two to three days each week. On Jan. 2d, Friday, A. J. Haws visited us.
    Sabbath, 11. Mr. Ford, of Blairsville, brother-in-law of Milton Bartley, came to see us, in search of information of Robert Pike; could not get any account of him. Lowman got a letter stating James S. Ramsey was in Libby prison, and had seen James Moore there; all glad to hear from Moore. Mr. Ford left on the 14th.
    Thursday, 16. All the sick must report daily to Dr. Redlick; 13 of us off duty today out of 49.
    Friday, 16. We received orders to prepare to march; Dr. Redlick said he would send me home on a furlough.
    Saturday, 17. This afternoon the sick were ordered to get ready to start in 20 minutes; Gaghagan, Lehman, Ream, Kiernan, Mowery, William Horner, Wise and myself were from our company. Dr. Redlick gave me a furlough for 20 days.
    Tuesday, 20. Camp Wind Mill Point Hospital on the Potomac, 3 miles from Aquia Creek Landing and 2 miles from Belle Plains. Again disappointed; the sick were taken from camp on Sunday to Platt's Landing, and were put on the boat “Rockland”; very much crowded; about 3 p. m. we started for Washington, but after going a short distance were taken off on the Virginia side at this camp hospital; Dr. Young, from Beaver county, said he did not know anything about my furlough.

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