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History of Cambria County, V.2

5 miles; it was raining and the roads muddy, and a very long steep hill nearly the whole distance. Am very weak and suffering continual pain; Dr. Redlick gave me morphine and I took a good sleep.
    Thursday, 20. Am better; it rained during the night.
    Friday, 21. It ceased raining about noon; the regiment went on picket duty; none in the camp but the guards. Gathigan, Marbourg, Atkins and Osborne were excused because they had no shoes fit to wear.
    Saturday, 22. We have traveled at least 125 miles since we crossed the Potomac at Berlin, and nearly 150 since we left Sharpsburg; I have got along very well for shoes, one gave out at Berlin and I picked up another size.
    Sabbath, 23, Brook's Station. Marched at 9 a. m. Regiment just in from picket, and we all were hurried and in confusion. We marched about 7 miles and camped in a field on Aquia creek and the Falmouth & Fredericksburg railroad, near Brooks' Station; 10 miles from Fredericksburg; the rebels still hold the latter place; it is 60 miles by river from Aquia Creek Landing to Washington, and steamboats ran regularly; it is 60 miles from Fredericksburg to Richmond by pike; Falmouth is in the opposite side of the Rappahannock river (north side).
    Saturday, 29. We have been lying here all week; we have had no drill except dress parade a 4 p. m. Last night orders to drill were issued as follows: Squad drill, 8 to 9 a. m.; company, 10 to 11; battalion, 2 to 3; dress parade, 4; Saturdays and Sundays excepted. The first locomotive passed over the road last Tuesday, since then very often, hauling supplies to the army. We hear all sorts of rumors about a fight; the rebels still hold Fredericksburg. The 133d P. V. are about 2 miles from here toward Fredericksburg; have seen Lenhart, Hugh Maloy, Shaffner, Fleck, Litz and Nesbit. On Thursday our mess stockaded the tent and built a flue; the nights are cold; I still suffer from rheumatism.
    Thursday, Dec. 4, 1862. Camp near Brooks' Station. On Tuesday we were paid our $27, and last night got it up to November first; mine was $30.33; received orders to march at daylight, but it was countermanded; Maj. Ryan has gone to Washington.
    Friday, 5. Rained and soon turned into snow.
    Saturday, 6. All hands up at 3 a. m. to march to Aquia Creek Landing to load cars; we were up in time to see the total eclipse of the moon, and of course it was very dark; I was left behind to guard the quarters; the boys returned about 4 p. m.
    Sabbath, 7. It froze very hard last night.
    Monday, 8. Bitter cold last night; Hickman, Heiser and Joseph Hamilton, who were left at Sharpsburg and taken to the convalescent camp at Alexandria, joined the company last

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