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History of Cambria County, V.2

    13. Reviewed by General A. A. Humphreys.
    16. Reviewed by General Joseph Hooker.
    17. Marched to Warrenton Junction; 10 miles.
    18. Marched 16 miles.
    19. Marched 7 miles.
    22. Went into camp near Falmouth, Va.; marched 3 miles.
    Dec. 2, Tuesday. Inspected by Col. F. B. Speakman.
    11. Left camp and marched toward Fredericksburg, Va.; were drawn up in a field and remained here all day.
    12. Marched a short distance nearer the Rappahannock river, and remained here all this day and the following day until 1 p. m.
    13. Saturday. At 1 o'clock p. m. we were ordered forward and took part in the battle of Fredericksburg, Va.
    14. Were under fire as second line of battle all day; relieved at night and slept that night in the streets of Fredericksburg. Remained in the same position until the morning of the 16th.
    16. Tuesday. We recrossed the Rappahannock and marched into our late camp, where we have remained.
    Jan. 1, Thursday. Encamped near Falmouth Va.
    8. Grand Review by Gens. Burnside, Hooker and Meade.
    14. Company on picket; remained out 4 days.
    17. Received orders to be in readiness to move.
    20, Tuesday. Broke camp at 3 p. m.; moved off and marched 2 miles by dark; rained all night.
    21. Accomplished 3 miles more in a forward direction and went at work building corduroy roads.
    22. Returned to old camp where we remained until February 2.
    Feb. 2, 1863, Monday. Our camp was moved 2 miles south.
    March 1, Sunday. In same camp; on picket duty.
    2. Returned to camp.
    3. Mustered for pay.
    8. On picket.
    11. Returned to camp.
    14. Our ammunition was inspected by Lieut. Col. Dale of the 123d Penna Vols.
    25. Reviewed by Governor Andrew G. Curtin.
    26. Went on picket.
    29. Returned to camp.
    30. Brigade reviewed by Col. P. H. Allabach.
    April 2, 1863, Thursday. Reviewed by Maj. Gen. Meade.
    4. Company on picket.
    6. Returned to camp.
    7. Brigade Reviewed by President Lincoln.
    8. Grand Review by President Lincoln and Maj. Gen. Hooker, commander of the army.
May 26, 1863, Tuesday. Mustered out at Harrisburg.

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