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History of Cambria County, V.2

  • John F. Wiggins; died at Washington, D. C., Dec. 31, of wounds received at Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 13, 1862; buried in Mil. Asylum Cem.
    The organization for Companies A, B and F in the 133d Pennsylvania Infantry Volunteers:

Date. Colonel. Brigade. Division. Corps. Commander.
Sept. 14 F. B. Speakman. Second.
P.H. Allabach
A.A. Humphreys.
Fitz John Porter
G. B. McClellan.
Dec. 11 to 15. Same Same Same D.E. Butterfield A.E. Burnside.
Joseph Hooker.
Dec. 31 Same Same Same Geo. G. Meade Same
Jan. 31 W.A. McCartney Same E.M. Gregory Geo. Sykes Jos. Hooker.
May 1 to 6. F.B. Speakman Same A.A. Humphreys Geo. G. Meade Same

    The itinerary of Company A, 133d Pennsylvania Volunteers. The company was organized at Johnstown by Capt. Abram Kopelin, July 31, 1862; he was promoted to be lieut.-colonel, when Capt. John Downey succeeded in command.

    Aug. 5, 1862, Tuesday. Mustered in by Capt. W. B. Lane, 3d U.S. Cav., at Harrisburg, Penna.
    19. The company left Harrisburg in the morning and arrived at Washington city the same evening.
    20. Left Washington for Camp Chase, arrived there and bivouacked for the night.
    21. Pitched our tents.
    24. Sunday. The company was inspected by the U.S. officers, who condemned our arms.
    27. Arrived at Alexandria, Va.
    28. Pitched our tents and remained there until the 30th. Drilled four hours each day and provided with ammunition.
    30. Received orders to march; left there and arrived at Fort Ward in the evening; went into camp to the left of Fort Ward and bivouacked for two nights, it raining all the time. In these two days we were occupied in clearing off a place suitable in which to camp.
    September 1, Monday. Received our camp equipage; pitched tents and cleaned arms.
    2. Went on picket, nothing happening worthy of notice.
    5 and 6. Furnished a detail of 30 men per day to work on intrenchments.
    Nov. 1, Saturday. Broke camp near Harper's Ferry, and marched to Snicker's Gap, Va.
    5. Marched to Middleburg, Va.; 10 miles.
    6. Marched to White Plains; 12 miles
    8. Marched to New Baltimore; 10 miles.
    9. Marched to camp near Warrenton, Va.; 3 miles.
    10. The troops were reviewed by Maj. General McClellan. Maj. Gen. A. E. Burnside assumed command of the Army of the Potomac.

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