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History of Cambria County, V.2

I came upon a line of the enemy's works, which was carried at once, with little resistance. After taking this line I advanced about a mile, when I came upon a second and stronger line of works. These were manned by infantry and artillery. * * * At 3 p.m., the line was ordered forward, when it charged most gallantly to within a few rods of the work under a concentrated fire from musketry and artillery. At 3:10 p.m. I received a communication from General Parke stating that he had just seen Major-General Meade, who did not wish me to run any great risk, but to take up a line and intrench. The column was immediately recalled. At 5 p.m. the balance of the division was relieved by General Ferrero's division (colored,) of the 9th Corps, and we marched to the position now occupied, arriving at 9 p.m.
    Itinerary of Gen. Hancock's Corps, Co. D, 110th Pennsylvania, First Brigade, Third Division, Second Corps, August 20 to September 15, 1864:
    Aug. 20, 1864, Saturday. Preparations made to move line in front of Petersburg again. * * * At dark troops marched toward pontoon bridges at Jones' Neck; commenced crossing about 7 p.m.
    Aug. 21, Sunday. Corps moved toward Strong house, then marched to Gurley house.
    Aug. 22, Monday. First Division advanced on Weldon railroad. No fighting today.
    Aug. 23, Tuesday. Railroad destroyed as far as Ream's Station. Third Division (Co. D, 110th P. V.) remained in works in front of Petersburg.
    Aug. 24, Wednesday. First Division destroyed railroad from Ream's Station toward Ronanty Creek. Second Division moved to Ream's Station. Gregg's cavalry covering working parties. Encamped for the night.
    Aug. 25, Thursday. Battle of Ream's Station. Co. D not engaged in this action. * * * Col. James A. Beaver, 148th Pennsylvania, desperately wounded, his thigh shattered by a minie-ball. * * * Gen. Hancock's horse was shot under him while urging his troops forward. A minie-ball struck the horse through the neck and it fell to the ground as if killed; in a few moments, however, it recovered enough to get up, and after a short time the general mounted it again.
    Aug. 26, Friday. Third Division holding line in front from Fort Tilton to Strong's house, where it has been since it recrossed James River from Deep Bottom.
    Aug. 27, Saturday. First Division moved from near Williams' house to a position supporting Third Division (Co. D).
    Aug. 28 and 29, Sunday and Monday. All quiet.
    Aug. 30, Tuesday. Picket line advanced in front of Strong's house.

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