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History of Cambria County, V.2

left of the field. When I reached this place I found no battery to support, but was ordered to support one in the rear and on the left, which I did. We remained there until ordered to march to the rear, in the direction of Centreville. This was about 7 p.m.
    We marched in perfect order, fording a stream waist-deep, and arrived at Centreville at 1 a.m., where we remained until the next day-Sunday, August 31, when we changed camp to the rear.
    On Monday, September 1 (1862), at 3 o'clock, received orders to march in the direction of Fairfax. At 4 p.m. took up the line of march on the center road. When about 2 miles from Centreville heard firing on our right, and was ordered by General Grover to halt and form line of battle on the left of the road.
    I was soon after ordered to move up my line of march for Fairfax, where I arrived about sunrise. Here I pitched camp and remained until 11 a.m. and then started for Alexandria, halting for the night at about 12 miles from Fairfax. Resuming the march at 6 o'clock the following morning I reached Fort Lyon and went into camp at 2 o'clock on the afternoon on Wednesday, September 3.
    In conclusion, while bearing testimony of the brilliancy of the battle of Bristoe Station, I am proud to record the gallant conduct of the * * * and the 115 Pennsylvania (Company D) * * * and the following officers, who particularly distinguished themselves on this occasion: * * * and Lieut. Col. Thompson, 115th Pennsylvania. * * * I am proud of my brigade and esteem it an honor to command such a body of men and soldiers, who, not only by their gallantry on the field of battle, but also by their good conduct and strict devotion to duty in camp have reflected so much credit upon themselves, their noble division, and the States which they so faithfully represent. * * *
Jos. B. Carr
Colonel, Commanding Brigade

    Captain Fite's Company D was also engaged in the action at McLean's Ford, Va., October 15, 1863.

    3d Brigade, 2d Division, 3rd Corps, December 4, 1863.
    * * * Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1863. I left camp on the morning of the 26th ultimo, following the Second Brigade of this division at 8:30 a.m., taking the road to Jacob's Mills. On arriving at the point where the road turns off which leads to Mitchell's Ford I was detached to guard that ford. I marched my command to where the roads fork, one leading to Mitchell's, the other to Raccoon Ford (both on the Rapidan, above Germanna Mills).

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