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History of Cambria County, V.2

    On September 29 and 30, 1864, at Chaffin's farm, Va. (or Fort Harrison, Fort Gilmer, New Market Heights and Laurel Hill) : 3 men wounded and 2 missing.
    On October 7, 1864, at Darbytown and New Market Roads, Va. (or Johnson's farm and Four Mile Creek): 2 enlisted killed; 3 officers and 11 men wounded, and 2 officers and 22 men Missing; total 40.
    On October 13, 1864, at Darbytown Road, Va., 5 men wounded and 1 missing.
    On October 27 and 28, 1864, at Fair Oaks or Darbytown Road, Va., 2 men wounded.
    Casualties in 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company G, under Gen. Grant, from March 29 to April 9, 1865: 3 officers and 4 men killed; 1 officer and 8 men wounded; 1 officer and 3 men missing; total 20.
    Gen. Lee's information of the 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry:
First Army Corps (C.S.),
April 1, 1865.
Brig. Gen. M. W. Gary:
    Gen. Lee reports that information has been obtained from Captured letters that Kautz's division of cavalry is on the South side; that the 11th Pennsylvania, formerly Spear's regiment, is certainly. Send out at once and find out what cavalry is on the north side.

    The surrender of Gen. Rosser's command:
Department of Virginia, Army of the James,
Richmond, Va., May 4, 1865.
Lieut.-Col. Stratton, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry:
    Sir: The commanding general (Gen. Ord.) directs that you Proceed to Staunton, Va., to receive the surrender of Gen. Rosser's command. By agreement with the authorities here he is to have his command collected and necessary steps taken for their parole on the 10th instant. The general terms are the same as those agreed upon between Gens. Grant and Lee. * *
N.M. CURTIS, Chief of Staff.

    The 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry on the march from Richmond to Staunton and Charlottesville, Va.:
    * * Saturday, May 6, 1865. I left Richmond in the morning with the entire effective strength of the regiment, about 500 men with 55 wagons. Marched via Louisa Court House, Charlottesville, Rockfish Gap and Waynesborough, arriving at Stauton on the evening of the 10th. Being advised there that Gen. Rosser had that morning left for Lexington, I did not enter the town until the next day.

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