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History of Cambria County, V.2

mounted, to reinforce each of the two main picket reserves, dismounting the remainder of the regiment, except two companies * * and placing the men to the right and left of the small house, about 300 yards in front of Fort Holly. The two companies left mounted were placed under a good officer, Capt. Nimmon, a little to the left and abreast of Fort Holly, to protect the horses. * * The enemy charged the outer pickets in front of the fort with dismounted cavalry, driving them back. * * A sharp contest ensued, when the enemy's infantry advanced a skirmish line from the wood on our left flank and opened fire on our left and rear. * * In consequence of this enfilading fire and finding Capt. Tripp and several men wounded, I withdrew to the crest of the hill on the left of the redoubt. * *
    At this time, about 12:30 p. m., finding many of the men short of ammunition, I sent for more, and directed those having a supply, * * including about 120 of the 11th Pennsylvania under Captain Monroe, to move into the ravine at the right of the fort and following it around to the front, endeavor to flank enemy's position and drive him back.
    This movement, although well conducted at first by Capt. Griffith, who was soon brought off wounded, and afterward by Captain Monroe, proved but partially successful.
    The enemy was driven back to the edge of the second ravine, but still commanded the slashing through which our men found it difficult to make their way. * * I held that position * *
    Moderate firing was kept up until 4 p.m., when General Jourdan directed my men to be relieved with infantry. * * I then ordered my men back to their horses. * At 9 p. m. I Made another reconnoissance and ascertained the enemy had fled. * * At dark I went into bivouac in the snow and mud, and at noon on the 11th returned to camp. * * Maj. James A. Skelly, commanding the 11th Pennsylvania cavalry, * * ably seconded me in this affair. * Capt. Tripp of the 11th

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