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History of Cambria County, V.2

The guerrilas pestered us. They crept upon our pickets at night, waylaid our expeditions and our cavalry scouts, firing upon whomever they could. But in marching, our flankers breaking up the woods, generally drove them.
    We ambuscaded them twice without success; pursuit was useless. * * * Catching some of their abettors, but only one of their number, Daniel Bright of Pasquotank county, whom I afterward hanged duly placarded: 'This guerrila hanged by order of Brigadier General Wild.' All our prisoners had the benefit of a drumhead court-martial. Finding ordinary measures of little avail, I adopted a more rigorous style of warfare: Burned their houses and barns, ate up their live stock, and took hostages from their families. * * * At South Mills, I dismissed the cavalry and artillery. * * *

    A request for the 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry in Tennessee:

Department of Ohio.
Knoxville, Tenn., Dec. 14, 1863.
Maj.-Gen. Halleck,
            General in Chief:
    * * * I also require one first rate cavalry regiment, armed with saber and revolver. The 3d New York or the 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, if ordered to Lexington, will meet this want perfectly. * * *
J. G. Foster, Maj. Gen.

    An expedition to King and Queen Court House, Captain Reynolds commanding the 11th Pa. Cavalry:

Williamsburg, Va., March 12, 1864.
    * * * At 5:30 p. m., on the 8th instant, I sent all my available men to Yorktown. * * * On reporting to Col. S. P. Spear, commanding the cavalry brigade, he placed me in command of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry and First New York Mounted Rifles, and to report at Gloucester Point to the senior officer commanding the Potomac Cavalry. * * *
    On the 10th, at 4:30 p.m., ordered by Gen. Kilpatrick to take the advance and move toward King and Queen Court-House, the 11th Pennsylvania in the advance. Within 3 miles of Plymouth we met the picket of the enemy and captured him. Gen. Kilpatrick directed me to attempt to capture the 42d Virginia Battalion Cavalry, encamped near Carlton's store. * * * I detailed the 11th to burn the court house, jail, mill and ferry at King and Queen Court-House. * * *
    I then halted to await the arrival of the Eleventh. On their arrival, they again moved forward in the advance. As we approached the camp the rebels retired, until about 3 miles from the store they formed in line with a show of resistance, but fled in disorder when charged by a battalion of the 11th. We pursued them 2 miles, capturing 5 and wounding 3. We returned to

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