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History of Cambria County, V.2

of Dr. Warren's plantation. He found the rendevous of about 40 guerrilas, who had, however, fled a few hours previously. I again sent out a company in charge of Captain Ackerly, who continued the search, but they could not be found. They destroyed a considerable quantity of provisions, clothing, arms, etc.
    On the 16th the march was resumed. About 4 miles out on the Hertford road a small party of guerrilas was discovered and charged by the advance guard, but they escaped into the swamp. However, soon after we captured one of them. * * * Arriving at Hertford, a scouting party under Lieutenant Minnich, captured Col. Woodford of the N.C. State Militia. Crossed the river the same evening, and halted for the night 2 miles beyond, and resumed the march at 8 a.m. We arrived in Elizabeth City at 11 p.m.
    The next day my battalion moved in the rear of the command to South Mills. When about half way a party of about 10 guerrilas fired upon my rear guard, at long range from the edge of the swamp, wounding 1 horse, and then disappeared in the swamp.
    On the 19th, leaving our company at South Mills, I marched at 6 o'clock a.m. for this camp, where I arrived at 5 p.m. * * *
    A reconnoissance to the Blackwater River, Va., by Lieut. Col. George Stetzel, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry:
Camp Getty, Va., Sept. 17, 1863.
    Monday, Sept. 14.--I left camp with seven companies at 7 p.m. Proceeded to Barham's Mill, 3 miles this side of Suffolk and bivouacked. Tuesday, 15th, I proceeded to Blackwater River, in three different directions. * * * and found the enemy about 1 mile on this side of Franklin. Placing our howitzers in position we opened fire right and left. * * * I fired a few shells among them, which burst in magnificent style * * * which caused them to disappear. * * *
Lieut. Col. 11th Pa. Cavalry
    A timely warning to citizens of South Mills, Camden Court House, N.C., Captain Skelly in command of detachment of cavalry. Gen. Edward A. Wild to Gen. Barnes:
    “Norfolk, Va., Dec. 28, 1863. * * * We started December 5. * * * I then marched southward to Camden Court-House, and back to South Mills. Here our two columns met and we were re-enforced by two companies of cavalry under Captain Skelly, and a section of battery. * * * We crossed and marched to Elizabeth City, which we occupied seven days. We sent out expeditions in all directions. * * *

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