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History of Cambria County, V.2

but the enemy's entrenchments were impassable for our cavalry.
    * The rifle pits are about 200 yards from Blackwater River.
    Siege of Suffolk. May 4, 1863. In this siege Maj. Gen. John J. Peck states that “the cavalry of Colonel Spear and Onderdonk were pushed on numerous roads and rendered valuable services in procuring information and capturing prisoners.”
    Yorktown, Va., July 11, 1863. Captain: * * Pursuant to orders received at Hanover Court House, I proceeded from that place on the night of the 4th instant in command of Companies G (Capt. Skelly) and M, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, for the purpose of cutting the enemy's communications at Ashland Station, on the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad. I reached Ashland at 1:30 o'clock that night. Throwing out pickets on roads, I divided the force into four working parties; sending one to the northern end of town to tear up the track; one about half a mile below, for same purpose; another under Lieut. Titus, a mile farther south, to destroy a bridge and retaining one at the station, to destroy the railroad buildings and property.
    All these parties were successful, half a mile of track torn up, ties burned and the rails bent, station building and roundhouse destroyed by fire together with water tank, switches, etc., also, about 100 bags of salt. The bridge was entirely consumed.
Maj. 11th Penna. Cavalry
    The following is the itinerary of Maj. Samuel Wetherill, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company G.
    Saturday, July 25, 1863. I left Bowers' Hill with 650 effective men, and joined Col. Spear's cavalry brigade at the forks; proceeded through Suffolk; encamped on the Edenton Road near Dardins.
    Sunday, 26. The regiment in advance to Gatesville, N.C., which we reached at 5 p.m.
    Monday, 27. Left Gatesville at sunrise; arrived opposite Winton at 9 a.m.; crossed the Chowan; left Winton at dusk, and encamped in Murfreesborough about 1:30 a.m.
    Tuesday, 28. Detailed Lieut. Nimmon, Company D, with party to capture horses. Left Murfreesborough at sunrise; reached Jackson, N.C., at 4 p.m. At 1 mile from Murfreesborough one soldier of S. J. Wheeler's battalion, captured; 3 miles beyond at the cross roads, a lieutenant, 16 men and 3 servants captured; at the cross roads, 3 miles beyond a lieutenant and 5 soldiers, a mounted messenger and several citizens captured; at the forks, 4 miles east of Jackson 3 men captured, in all 2 lieutenants, 30 soldiers, 6 citizens and 3 servants. The advance battalion under Capt. Loomis with two howitzers, charged into the town and drove Gen. Ransom, C. S. army, and

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