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History of Cambria County, V.2

    June 23. Lieut. Nimmon with 10 men went on a scout as far as Charles City, via New Kent Court House, and Lieutenant Aughenbaugh with 10 men to patrol as far as Baltimore Crossroads.
    October 2, 1862. Col. Spear of the 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, with a section of Follett's battery and about 1700 men left in the night for Carrsville, to make a reconnoissance around Franklin and Blackwater.
    October 3. Met the pickets and a skirmish ensued. The pickets and their support were all driven in confusion down the bank and over the river. Soon a 32-pounder opened on us. Col. Spear took position and a furious cannonade continued for an hour. * * Graham's celebrated Petersburg battery and a rocket battery arrived at this juncture and the action was renewed. Our ammunition was about exhausted and not being able to cross the river we withdrew. Casualties: 2 killed. 5 wounded, 1 missing.
    Dec. 1, 1862. While Col. Spear and about 300 of his regiment were at breakfast, his pickets were driven in and 500 of the enemy's cavalry charged us. It was gallantly met by Colonel Spear and the enemy thrown into confusion. 10 or 12 of the enemy were killed and took 20 prisoners. No loss on our side.
    Dec. 22, 1862. Lieut. Col. Stetzel, of Spear's cavalry, made a reconnoissance to Joyner's Ford with four companies. He found the enemy in force and had a sharp skirmish. He captured 4 pickets and 1 horse; no loss on our side.
    Suffolk, Va., January 8, 1863. * * 600 of the 11th cavalry left Suffolk for the purpose of protecting General Ferry's embarkation on the river Chowan 37 miles from Suffolk. Encamped at Holland's corner.
    January 9 and 10, on a scouting expedition, bivouacked at Quaker Church. We captured a messenger with a dispatch for General Roger A. Pryor; they were sent to headquarters.
    January 29 and 30. A force of 4,800, including the 11th Pennsylvania cavalry, all under the command of Brig. Gen. M. Corcoran to go after General Pryor's command near Holland's Corners. * * We met them near the Deserted House and after three hours fight the enemy retreated. * * The entire command reached the Deserted House about 6 p.,. and Suffolk at midnight. Our loss was 25 killed, 102 wounded and 2 missing.
    March 16, 1863. Left Suffolk and proceeded in the direction of Franklin with 350 cavalry and 4 pieces of Davis' battery; found their pickets near Hebron Church; proceeded within a mile of Franklin. Maj. F. A. Stratton with three companies made a gallant charge under the breast-works of the enemy; they retired and joined the main body. Lieut Samuel L. Monday was seriously wounded. We then made a second charge,

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