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History of Cambria County, V.2

  • Samuel Shipp: prisoner from Oct. 15 to Dec. 16, 1862; disch. Aug. 27, 1864; expiration of term.
  • Jacob B. Stall: prisoner from June 4 to Oct. 10, 1863; disch. Sept. 22, 1864; expiration of term.
  • David Stine: captured at Suffolk, Va., Nov. 10, 1863; died at Andersonville, Ga., Oct. 8, 1864.
  • William Sirr
  • Francis N. Tracy: must. out with company Aug. 13, 1865.
  • John Thompson: disch. by Gen. Order June 8, 1865.
  • Robert G. Thompson: disch. by Gen. Order May 15, 1865.
  • Cyrus Thompson: disch. Aug. 27, 1864; ecpiration of term.
  • Robert G. Thompson: disch. on surg.'s cert. Nov. 27, 1862.
  • David B. Wilson: must. out with company Aug. 13, 1865.
  • Wallace Weeks: must. out with company Aug. 13, 1865.
  • Henry L. Wilber: must. out with company Aug. 13, 1865.
    The organization.

Date Colonel Brigade Division Corps
Oct. 31 J. Harlin Cavalry
G. B. Stoneman
Jan. 31 near Fort Monroe Max Weber
Aug. 31 at Suffolk, Va. Seventh
Max Weber
Jan. 31 John J. Peck
June 30 S. P. Spear At White House, Va. Second
G. W. Getty
J. A. Dix
Aug. 31 Same At Portsmouth, Va. Same
Dec. 31 Same Same
Jan. 31 Same Same
April 30 Same Cavalry
A. V. Kautz
May 5 Geo. Stetzel Second
S. P. Spear
Same Eighteenth
W. F. Smith
June 30 Same Same Same E. O. C. Ord
July 31 F.A. Stratton Same Same Same
Oct. 31 James A. Skelly Same R. M. West Same
Dec. 31 F.A. Stratton Same A.V. Kautz Same
Jan. 31 Same Same Same P.H. Sheridan
Feb. 28 Same Same Same Same
Mar. 29 Same Same; wounded R.S. Mackenzie W. Merritt
April 30 Same Same Same Same

    The following is the itinerary of Capt. Skelly's Company G, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Col. Josiah Harlan:
    June 6, 1862. Permanent patrols were established upon a beat extending 1 mile above and 1 mile below the White House landing, also, a picket station at Tunstalls on the railroad.
    June 14. 3 schooners at Garlick Landing loaded with forage were burned by the enemy, also 2 trains of wagons loaded with forage.
    June 12. Left camp at 6:30 a.m. and proceeded to Charles City Bridge, on the Chickahominy. * * * We took the road to Baltimore Store then to Forge Mill, arriving at 12 m. We arrested J. P. Pierce and Edward Obins Christian for giving aid to the enemy, and who refused to take the oath of allegiance. The bridges at Forge Mill and Charles City had been destroyed.

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