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History of Cambria County, V.2

    Feb. No change of headquarters or other events to record since last return.
    March 25. Marched to Long Bridge, on the Chickahominy River, Va.; distance 13 miles.
    March 26. Marched to Deep Bottom Landing, on James River; 15 miles. Battalion 23d Illinois rejoined brigade.
    March 27. At 6 p.m., began march, arriving at Humphrey's Station, Va., on the 29th; 30 miles.
    April 1. The Brigade was engaged in skirmishing and fortifying on the line at Hatcher's Run, Va., up to the morning of the 2d.
    April 2. The Brigade was moved the distance of seven miles against Battery Gregg, near Petersburg, Va., in the capture of which the brigade participated with marked bravery, and was the first to plant its colors upon the works. The enemy fought with desperation after the works were entered; one commissioned officer and several men of the brigade were killed inside of the works.
    April 3. Moved in pursuit of the rebel army on the Lynchburg road.
    April 5. Arrived at Burkeville, Va., 53 miles.
    April 6. At 4 a.m. the 54th Pennsylvania Volunteers, commanded by Lieut. Col. A. P. Moulton, marched from camp on an expedition to High Bridge, Va., on the Lynchburg railroad, distance 10 miles, where it was captured by the enemy, after a spirited fight with overwhelming numbers. At 12 m. same day the brigade, now comprising the 12th Regiment, West Virginia Volunteers, and our company, 23d Illinois Volunteers (the other four companies of the latter were left on duty), began march.
    April 7. Arrived at Farmville, Va., 15 miles.
    April 8. Resumed march at 6 a.m., arriving at a point west of Appomattox Court House, heading the rebel army; distance, 32 miles.
    April 9. Early in the morning Gen. Lee surrendered. Although under fire of the enemy's artillery, except the skirmish line we were not engaged.
    April 12. Commenced to march to Lynchburg, Va.,
    April 13. Arrived there early; distance 26 miles.
    April 15. Commenced march, returning to Burkeville; 73 miles.
    April 19. Reached Burkeville, Va.
    April 22. Left Burkeville.
    April 25. Reached Richmond, Va., 58 miles. Commissioned officers killed at Fort Gregg, April 2, 1865: Maj. Nathan Davis, of the 54th Pennsylvania Volunteers, * * * killed at High Bridge, VA., April 6, 1865; Second Lieutenant Cyrus Patton, Company G, 54th Pennsylvania.

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