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History of Cambria County, V.2

missing, 27; total, 190, and is distributed among the different organizations in the brigade as follows:
Command Killed Wounded Missing Total
11th West Virginia Vol. Inf 6 20 6 32
Fifteenth West Virginia Vol. Inf 6 54 13 73
54th Pennsylvania Vol. Inf 11 37 7 55
Dismounted Cavalry 6 23 1 30

29 134 27 190

    The conduct of the officers and men before the enemy and during the long and tiresome march was all that could be expected of brave and gallant men. Many of the men are somewhat broken down and foot-sore, and some few have suffered for the want of proper food, which could not be obtained in the country through which we passed during the last few days of our march, but all are in excellent spirits, and will be ready for action again in a short time.
    I have as yet received no official report from the battalion of the Third and Fourth Regiments, Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps, but am informed by Captain (Abel T.) Sweet, commanding, that no casualties occurred in that command.

    The general composition and losses as prepared by the War Department make the total missing as 42 instead of 27, as reported by Colonel Campbell, thus:

Campbell Total
11th West Virginia 6 6
15th West Virginia 13 21
54th Pennsylvania 7 14
Dismounted Cavalry 1 1

27 42


    This battle, fought two miles south of Winchester, is also known as the second engagement at Kearnstown, the first one having occurred on March 23, 1862. After Hunter had returned from his successful retreat over the mountains into the Kanawha valley he immediately started up the Shenandoah valley with his army.
    On July 22 Gen. Crook's command of four small divisions of infantry and cavalry joined Gen. Averell's cavalry at Winchester, when Gen. Crook assumed command of the 11,000 men. On the 24th Crook was in front of the enemy at Kearnstown, with his line established. General Thoburn's division (54th Regiment), Duval's and Mulligan's divisions covered the pike with the cavalry on the flanks. In the morning Gen. Early divided his force and moved a portion of his infantry around Crook's

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