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History of Cambria County, V.2

quiet this morning; but 1 rebel seen since daylight. Doctor Hunter has gone to Cacapon, wounded severely both in groin and left side.
E. D. YUTZY, Major.


    Gen. Franz Sigel, commanding the Army of the Shenandoah Valley, marched from Martinsburg, West Virginia, on May 9 with about 6560 men and 28 guns, under orders from Gen. Grant to hold the enemy in check in the valley while the Army of the Potomac operated against Gen. Lee's army on the east side of the Blue Ridge. On the 14th Col. Augustus Moor with the advance cavalry reached New Market late in the evening. He had a brisk skirmish on his arrival and twice during the night demonstrations were made which he repulsed.
    Gen. John C. Breckenridge, the former vice-president of the United States, was commanding the Confederate troops, and had about 5,000 men with eight guns. At daylight on the 15th he formed his line two miles south of new Market. Col. Moor had 300 cavalry and about 2,000 infantry with two guns, which had been placed in an advanced position by Gen. Julius Stahl, who was in command during the forenoon, with instructions to hold the positions until Maj. Gen. Franz Sigel could bring up his forces and make his dispositions. The four companies and part of another from Johnstown, engaged in this battle were:

Captain. Co.     Regiment Brigade Division
John P. Suter A 54th Pa. Inf. Second First
Col. J. M. Campbell Gen. Jos. Thoburn Gen. J. C. Sullivan
Thomas H. Lapsley D Same Same Same
Patrick Graham, W. E Same Same Same
E. J. Geissinger, K. H Same Same Same
Wm. B. Bonacker, W. I Same Same Same

    Gen. Sigel's line was on rising ground and extended across the Winchester pike. Gen. Thoburn's brigade, which included the 54th regiment, which had arrived the previous evening, constituted the main line along which were the batteries. The cavalry was located in the rear and on the left flank, as was the Second Brigade which occupied the extreme left of the line of battle. Col. Campbell's regiment was on the west side of the pike with its left resting on the highway. The 62d Virginia and the Lexington cadets were opposite the 54th regiment. General Imboden's cavalry with a six gun battery were on the extreme right of line of enemy's forces.
    An artillery duel preceded the battle. Breckinridge made

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