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History of Cambria County, V.2

mish ensued, in which we had 1 man killed, 1 mortally and 3 slightly wounded. The rebels captured 1 captain and 36 men, with all the camp equipment of the company, 40 Enfield rifles and 4,000 rounds of rifle cartridges. They then set fire to the Patterson's Creek bridge, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and thence went to the North Branch bridge, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and fired it, the guard at the latter bridge making their escape.
    I may here say that as there was known to be a large Union force some 18 miles south and west of Patterson's Creek, and part of the Ringgold Cavalry there, taken in connection with the fact that the rebels wore our uniform and claimed to be Union cavalry, may, in a measure, account for the pickets being deceived.
    Neither the Patterson's Creek bridge nor the North Branch bridge were protected by blockhouses, and the only protection for them was the company of infantry which the rebels captured. As soon as the news of the rebel force being in Patterson's Creek was received at this place, one company of the Ringgold Cavalry, Captain Myers, was dispatched to that point, and arrived at the North Branch bridge in time to put out the fire. Neither of the bridges mere trestle work were totally destroyed, Captain Myers immediately after putting out the fire, pushed on after the enemy. This is all the loss any portion of my brigade sustained, and the partial destruction of the two above-mentioned bridges being all the injury done to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. A scouting party from this place captured during the last raid 1 rebel captain. This is all the loss I know the rebels sustaining.
    As to whose fault it was that the injury occurred, whether the fault was with the large force that lay some 18 miles in front, near the junction of the Burlington and Patterson's Creek roads, or with the mere detachments of a small company of infantry at the two bridges, I am not prepared to say.
    I am, Lieutenant, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Colonel Commanding First Brigade.

Head Quarters of West Virginia.
Cumberland, Md., April 12, 1864
    Special Orders, No. 74.
    Col. J. M. Campbell, 54th Pa. Vols., is relieved from duty with his regiment and assigned to duty as commander and Provost Marshall of the City of Cumberland.
    Col. Campbell will perform the duties incumbent on the senior officer at a station so far as the transaction of business connected with the several depots the providing of quarters and camps for troops, &c., is concerned, and is charged with the preservation of order and discipline in the city. He will also make such arrangements as are necessary for the defense of the

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