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History of Cambria County, V.2

burg, Penn., destroying the rail road depot, &c., there and capturing all horses, &c., which they came across on the route. It was reported that they had already returned a short distance on the other side of Mercersburg and were pressing forward to Virginia.
    Gen. Howe, with a brigade of Union troops, were at Clear Spring. It was thought the enemy would endeavor to cross back again at either McCoy's Ferry, Cherry Run, Licking Creek or Millstone Point.
    The scouting party which I sent out in the direction of Hedgesville went nearly to Johnstown, then turned to the left, crossed Back Creek at Maynards, and went to Paxton's Cut. They found the enemy's pickets were at North Mountain Cut and on the hill beyond Back Creek. It was reported the rebels were in the vicinity of Hammonds and North Mountain.

    The following orders and reports relate to the appointment of Col. Campbell as brigade commander, and Lieut. Col. Linton as colonel:
Baltimore, Md., March 27, 1863.
General Orders, No. 19.
    The following named troops of this army corps will constitute the First Division, charged especially with the protection of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from Monocacy Bridge to the Ohio River, and to the command of which Brig. Gen. B. F. Kelley, U. S. volunteers, is assigned:
    Fourth Brigade, Col. Jacob M. Campbell: Fifty Fourth Pennsylvania Infantry commanding: The First Regiment Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Col. Joseph Thoburn: the Fifty-fourth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Lieut. Col. John P. Linton, commanding.
Head Quarters Fourth Brigade.
Mechanicsburg Gap, Va., April 6, 1863.
General Orders, No. 11.
    First Lieutenant William H. Rose, Adjutant 54th Penna. Vol. Infantry is hereby appointed acting Assistant Adjutant General of this Brigade.
    He will be respected and obeyed accordingly.
Col. Commanding Fourth Brigade, First
Division, Eighth Army Corps.

    Col. Campbell made the following report of the part taken by the 54th Regiment in the engagement at Burlington, Virginia, on April 8, 1863:
    Upon learning that on the morning of the 6th instant a foraging party of the Ringgold Battalion, with a squad of 40 men, under the command of Lieutenant William F. Speer, of

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