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History of Cambria County, V.2

said: “Governor, I have come for Linton's commission: I will not leave without it.” Campbell was standing, and the governor arose and stepped towards him, stating that he could not do it, when Campbell took him by the throat and forced him back to the wall, saying: “I will not leave until you do.” The governor in referring to it laughingly retold what he said: “Well, all right. Campbell, a man that has nerve enough to come into the governor's chamber and do as you have done deserves to have it. You will make a good soldier.” The commission was issued and the regiment started to Washington City.
    The great war governor is also dead, but his admiration for Col. Campbell was stronger after the event mentioned, as he recognized the worth of the friendship of a man who would not cavil with his honor. The governor's feeling is indicated by the letter he wrote, in his own hand, the next May, trying to get the regiment to the field of active operations, which is as follows:

Executive Chamber, Harrisburg, Pa., 8 May 1862.
    General: The Fifty-fourth regiment P. V. is now on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad from Martinsburg to South Branch, and I ask that it be immediately ordered into active service.
    It is one of our best regiments in all respects, and is so appointed, commanded and disciplined that it would be unjust to keep it on a railroad while there are so many parts of old regiments---and others that have just taken the field.
    I will be obliged officially and personally if you will have the regiment relieved.
Very respectfully,
General A. Thomas. A. G. Curtin.

    At the same time he wrote another letter to Col. J. H. Puleston, who was then in Washington City, asking him to assist Col. Campbell in getting the order. In that letter he said; “It is one of our best regiments, and I wish very much to have it moved.”
Washington, 16th April, 1862
Col. J. M. Campbell,
    Dear Sir: I went up to see the Secretary of War this morning (Mr. Blair going with me) relative to contents of your letter on the 14th inst, and done all we could to get your Regiment into active service, but he declined to interfere in any way saying that your are acting under orders of your General. Indeed it

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