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History of Cambria County, V.2

the Kelly General Hospital, at Cumberland, Md. Here I left my regiment and comrades and have no record until my return, but I must not pass the important events.
    July 1, 1863. Reported that General Joe Hooker was relieved of his command at his request, and was succeeded by General Geo. G. Meade.
    July 4. Report of the surrender of Vicksburg, Miss.; great rejoicing.
    July 5. Report of the rebel army being defeated at Gettysburg by General Meade.
    July 6. Rebels reported falling back in the direction of Cumberland, Md. Our regiment passed through Cumberland.
    July 8. Left the Cumberland Hospital and was sent to the Clairsville General Hospital.
    September 16. Left Clairsville, Md.; laid over at New Creek, W. Va.
    September 17. Came to Burlington, W. Va.
    September 18. Arrived at Mechanics' Gap at noon.
    September 28. The regiment returned to Mechanics' Gap, coming from Petersburg, W. Va.
    October 6. I was sent on a detail by Dr. Allen, to drive the ambulance.
    November 5, 1863. Received marching orders.
    November 6. Packed up at 4 a. m.; started at 7 a. m.; arrived at Springfield, W. Va., at noon.
    November 9. The regiment received marching orders with four days' rations; it began snowing; crossed the river below Hanging Rock; bivouacked for the night a mile above the junction.
    November 10. We started at daylight; took dinner west of Fox's Gap; marched to Moorefield, W. Va.; sent a detachment across the river to the town, after which we started on our return trip; went within a mile of Fox's Gap, where we stopped for the night.
    November 11. We took up our march as usual and came within three miles of the Junction, where we had dinner; then marched within five miles of the river, where we rolled into the hay for the night.
    November 12. We resumed our march; crossed the river; the water was deep and cold; water came in the ambulance; arrived at Springfield at noon.
    November 13. Made a trip to Green Spring Run; returned at dark without an escort; time from Green Spring to Springfield 45 minutes.
    November 16. A scouting party started composed of the 54th P. V., Battery E, 1st W. Va. Light Artillery, and two companies of the 15th W. Va.; returned on the 19th.
    Dec. 24. The Penna. Cavalry left us; destination unknown.

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