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History of Cambria County, V.2

at 2 o'clock the battle began, which continued until dark, although firing did not cease until 9 o'clock. It was a terrific contest. The enemy made repeated assaults, but was repulsed. Lee was usually on the defensive in fighting, having the advantage of intrenchments or earthworks of some kind, but in contests like Malvern Hill, Antietam and Gettysburg he was not successful. It is said of Malvern Hill that at no time during the battle was the Union line endangered or a single gun likely to be captured. Lee lost 5,500 men, while McClellan's were less than 2,000. In the seven days' retreat McClellan lost 15,249 and Lee 17,583.
    The Peninsula campaign closed July 4. Mr. Stanton directed the army to withdraw from the Peninsula, as it was not, in a military view, the location for an attacking army. He moved it to the territory along the Rappahannock river. Against his protest, on August 14, McClellan moved the army towards Fortress Monroe to take its new position between Washington and Richmond.
    In September, Gen. Lee made his invasion into Maryland, having crossed the Potomac river near Leesburg and moved towards Frederick City, Maryland. He captured Harper's Ferry and advanced on Hagerstown, but on McClellan's approach he fell back to South Mountain and Antietam.

Date, Colonel Brigade Divisions Corps Army
Oct. 15 Thos. F. Gallagher W. F. Smith's
Feb. 6 Same Henry Bohien's Louis Bienker's G.B. McClellan
May 31 Same Second
Geo. G. Meade
Geo. A. McCall's I. McDowell Same
June 27 Same Geo. G. Meade, W
A. L. Magilton
T. Seymour
FitzJohn Porter
Sept. 14
Sept. 17
S. M. Jackson Third

T.F. Gallagher, W
G. G. Meade
T. Seymour
Jos. Hooker, W
G. G. Meade
Dec. 11
Same Third
C.F. Jackson.K.
J.W. Fisher
Robert Anderson
G. G. Meade
J. F. Reynolds
A.E. Burnside
Dec. 31 Same M.D. Hardin H. G. Sickel J.S. Wadsworth Same
Jan 31 D. S. Porter J.W.Fisher Same J. F. Reynolds Jos. Hooker
May 31 S. M. Jackson Same S. W. Crawford Same G.G. Meade
1 to 4
Same Same Same Fifth
Geo Sykes
Oct. 10 Same M.D. Hardin W. McCandless Same Same
Nov. 20 Same Same S. W. Crawford Same Same
Dec. 31 Same First
W. McCandless
Same Same John Sedgwick
Jan. 31 Same Same Same Same G.G. Meade
Apr. 30 Same H. C. Bolinger Same G. K. Warren G.G. Meade
May 5 Same W. McCandless Same Same Same
May 21 Same M.D. Hardin Same Same Same

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