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History of Cambria County, V.2

to heive axes to use in making fortifications escaped the ill-fortune of their comrades, who were taken to Richmond. The captured men, including Col. Gallagher, Col. Jackson and all of the field officers, were exchanged about August 27th, being prisoners for two months. Gen. John F. Reynolds was also captured by his old classmate, Gen. D. H. Hill; personal friends, now in deadly combat. The terrible loss to the enemy is the best evidence of the deadly character of the battle where the proportion of troops engaged was over three Confederates to two Unionists. Gen. Porter's loses were 894 killed, 3,107 wounded, and 2,836 missing, a total of 6,837, while Lee's were 8,751 killed and wounded.
    The two hundred men who escaped were assigned to the Third Brigade of the Reserve Corps.
    Capt. Daniel S. Porter reported as follows on the capture of portions of the 11th Pennsylvania Reserves:
11th Regiment, Penna. Reserve Vol. Corps,
July 10, 1862.
    * * * On the 27th (Friday) of June, 1862, as our regiment was marching to the battle ground (Gaines' Mill), I was detailed with my company to put heives into 500 axes. On this account I knew nothing personally of the operations or position of the regiment in the battle, but from the best information received, the 11th Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, in connection with the 4th New Jersey, at about 5 o'clock in the evening, relieved and 3d Regiment Penna. Reserve Corps, in the woods. After this I can learn nothing of them, except from stragglers, who say they were surrounded.
    About 600 men of our regiment are missing in this battle, including the field officers and all the line officers, except myself and Lieuts. Sloan, Stewart and Mills. Capt. Louden, of Company C, was absent at home, sick.
    In the battle of Monday, June 30, 1862, I took about 106 men into action. These I divided into two companies, Lieut. Sloan commanding the left company and myself the right. * * *
D. S. Porter,
Captain Commanding 11th Regiment.

    Saturday morning, the 28th, the day after the battle at Gaines' Mill, the Fifth Corps (11th Pa. Reserves) spent in bivouac on the Trent farm, on the south bank of the Chickahominy river. In the afternoon and late into the evening the corps moved by the way of Savage station to the south side of White Oak Swamp, but did not reach its position until 10 a. m. on the 29th. Gen. Porter's corps was not engaged in the contest

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