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History of Cambria County, V.2


    Emanuel Urban, killed at Gaines' Mill June 27, 1862.
    William W. Wagoner, must. out with company June 13, 1864.
    Andrew Woodford, must. out with company June 13, 1864.
    Powers Woodford, must. out with company June 13, 1864.
    Thomas Williams, disch. surg. cert. Dec. 1, 1862.
    John Wise, died at Washington, D. C. Nov. 28, 1861.
    Henry H. Wareham, trans. to Vet. Res. Corps. Aug. 30, 1863.
    Henry C. Wissel.


    Gen. McClellan, commander of the Army of the Potomac, began his campaign on the Peninsula April 2, 1862, on which day he arrived at Fortress Monroe. The Peninsula is that part of Virginia which lies between the James and the York rivers. The siege of Yorktown commenced April 5, and Gen. Johnston, of the Confederate forces, capitulated on May 3, and fell back to Williamsburg. He made a stand there on the 3d and 4th, then slowly fell back towards Richmond. McClellan followed, and was within six miles of Richmond, where on May 31 and June 1, he had severe fighting at Fair Oaks and Seven Pines, and held his own.
    Gen. J. E. Johnston had been severely wounded on June 2, and Gen. Robert E. Lee succeeded him in the command of the Army of Northern Virginia, holding it until the close of the war. McClellan was south of the Chickahominy river, and Lee was closing in on the Army of the Potomac, when, on June 26, McClellan began his retreat. Thus was started the seven days' fighting known as (1) Mechanicsville, on June 26; (2) Gaines' Mill, or Cold Harbor, on the 27th and 28th; (3) Savage's Station, on 29th; (4) Peach Orchard, or Allen's Farm, on 29th; (5) Glendale, or White Oak Swamp, on the 30th, and (6) Malvern Hill, or Crow's Farm, on July 1, when McClellan withdrew to Harrison's Landing, on the James river, and thereafter fell back to Washington City. The campaign was a failure.
    Gen. Stonewall Jackson had command of the Army of the Shenandoah Valley, and was very successful in preventing Gen. McDowell and others from going to McClellan's assistance. Suddenly, on June 25, he appeared on McClellan's right flank in front of Richmond, which produced the retreat. On August 30 Gen. Pope was defeated at the second Bull Run battle. Capt. Fite's company from Johnstown was engaged in that conflict, which will appear in the record of the 115th Pennsylvania Infantry. Capt. William Linton's Company M, of the 12th Cavalry, was also in that vicinity.
    Capt. Andrew Lewis' Company A, of the 11th Pennsylvania

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