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History of Cambria County, V.2

Cleburne's Division, Army of the Tennessee.
    * * * * my division, consisting of Walthall's and Govan's brigades, * * * at the battle of Chickamauga, * * * September 19, 1863. As soon as my command could reach the place, I formed the line facing northward, Gen. Walthall on the right and Col. Govan on the left, and at once moved forward to the attack (12:15 p. m.). * * *
    In a few minutes we became hotly engaged, * * * and pressing forward with a shout, we captured all the artillery in our immediate front, with many prisoners of the * * * 19th U. S. Infantry. * * *
St. JOHN R. LIDDELL, Brig.-General.


    Maj. Gageby enlisted, April 19, 1861, as a sergeant in Company K, Capt. John P. Suter's company, in the three months' service. The company was discharged July 30, 1861.
    On October 25, 1861, he again enlisted and became first sergeant of Company G, 19th U. S. Infantry. He served in Gen. McClellan's campaign, was engaged in the battles of South Mountain, Antietam and Fredericksburg; in the latter his company was assigned to the 17th U. S. Infantry. In March, 1863, Company G was transferred to the Army of the Cumberland and assigned to the First Battalion, 19th United States Infantry.
    On June 1, 1863, he was appointed second lieutenant of Company A of the same regiment, and served with it in the same battles and marches as Company C, until his capture at Chickamauga, on September 20, 1863. He was confind in Libby prison until March 1, 1865, except during the interval of two days he was absent at the time of his escape through the tunnel which Capt. Rose managed. He was recaptured February 11, 1864, and transferred to other prisons, until his release on parole was granted. He returned to Company A as first lieutenant in May, 1865, and on September 20, 1863, was promoted to be captain, and joined the 37th U. S. Infantry, at Fort Stanton, Mexico, in March, 1868, and served through the Indian dissensions.


    After the defeat of Rosecrans at Chickamaugua, he retreated to Chattanooga, and on September 21, 1863, began to intrench. Gen. Bragg followed on the 22d and took possession of Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain, which overlooks

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