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History of Cambria County, V.2

    Capt. James B. Mulligan, commanding the 19th U.S. Infantry in the battle of Murfreesboro, reported as follows:
First Battalion, 19th U.S. Infantry, Camp near Murfreesboro, Tenn., January 8, 1863.
    * * that six companies of the First Battalion of the 19th Regiment U.S. Infantry, under the command of Major S.D. Carpenter * * * entered into action on the morning of December 31, 1862, before Murfreesboro at 9:30 a.m. * *
    About 10 a. m. the brigade * was ordered into the cedars to the assistance of Negley's division; but, after finding there was no possiblilty of securing a position the battalion, in company with the battery, retired from the cedars in excellent order, under a most destructive fire.
    After taking our position on the hill near the railroad, we were again, about 12 m., ordered, with the remainder of the brigade, to advance in line of battle into the cedars.
    We then engaged an overwhelming force for full twenty minutes. It was as we received the order to retire that Major Carpenter fell, receiving six mortal wounds, dying instantly. The fire from the enemy at this time was terrific. Our men were falling on all sides.
    At this point the command devolved upon myself, being the senior officer present. *
James B. Mulligan,
Captain Commanding.


    This battle was fought between Rosecrans and Bragg; few conflicts exceeded it in furiouness or great losses in both armies, or had a more direct effect on the final result of the war. The battlefield is about eight miles south of Chattanooga, about one mile east of Missionary Ridge from McFarland's Gap, and five miles west of Pigeon Mountain.
    Company C of the 19th United States Regulars, from Ebensburg, was in that two days' struggle. The company was commanded by regular army officers, and belonged to the First Battalion, led by Maj. Samuel W. Dawson, who was wounded on the first day, when he was succeeded by Lieut. Robert Ayres. This company was in the Third Brigade, under Gen. John H. King of First Division, Gen. George H. Thomas.
    In September the general situation in the north was encouraging. Meade had driven Lee out of Pennsylvania after his victory at Gettysburg, and Grant had captured Vicksburg, giving us control of the Mississippi river. Gen. Bragg's army was in Tennessee, and being a menace to the middle west, it was desir-

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