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History of Cambria County, V.2

lowed the next day, when this regiment was organized with ten complete companies, three of them from Johnstown. The field and company officers were: Colonel, Francis P. Minier; Lieutenant Colonel, John M. Power of Johnstown; Major, Oliver M. Irwin; Adjutant, James C. Noon, of Johnstown; Quartermaster, Jacob M. Campbell, of Johnstown; Surgeon, R. M. S. Jackson, of Cresson; Assistant Surgeon. William A. Roller. Company F, Capt. John P. Linton; Company G, Capt. Thomas H. Lapsley; Company K, Capt. John P. Suter, who succeeded Capt. John M. Power, who had been elected lieutenant colonel.
    On the evening of April 20 the regiment was ordered to Baltimore by rail, and at Cockeysville, Maryland, was halted because the rebel sympathizers had burned the railroad bridge to prevent troops from passing through Baltimore. The day before the Sixth Massachusetts had been attacked there by a mob and several persons were killed. The regiment encamped there until the 22d, when it was ordered to York, Pennsylvania, where it went into camp, and was throoughly drilled. On May 27, it moved to Camp Chambers, three miles from Chambersburg, and was there assigned to the Second Brigade, Gen. George C. Wyncop; Second Division. Maj. Gen. William H. Keim. The Brigade consisted of the First, Second and Third Pennsylvania Regiments. This division was under the command of Maj. Gen. Robert Patterson, of the Army of the Shenandoah. On June 7 it moved by rail to Hagerstown, Maryland, thence marched to Funkstown, to operate against Harper's Ferry, where the enemy had taken position under Gen. Josept E. Johnston. It moved to Williamsport, on the Potomac. On July 1st, and the next day crossed that river and participated in a skirmish at Falling Waters, Virginia, where the enemy were driven back to entrenchments at Winchester. Gen. Patterson's army arrived at Martinburg on July 3d. Almost all the supplies for this army were transported by wagons from Williamsport, where the main depot had been established. On the 3d this regiment was detached and ordered back to Williamsport to guard the depot and trains.
    The battle of Bull Run, a defeat for the Union, occurred on Sunday, July 21st. While the 3d Regiment was not in that engagement actively, it was a part of Gen. Patterson's army, which was assigned to keep Johnston from re-enforcing Beauregard at Bull Run.
    On July 26th the regiment was ordered to Harrisburg, via Hagerstown. There it was mustered out on the 30th, its term

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