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History of Cambria County, V.2

    They continued the march to Pittsburgh, thence to Meadville where the regimental officers were chosen, as follows: Colonel, William Piper, of Bedford; major, Henry Beaver, of Stoyestown, and a Mr. Foster, of Erie, for major inspector. Gen. Adamson Tannehill took command of the brigade.
    They remained at Meadville for some time and there received twelve dollars for two months' service, marching from there to Buffalo. The term of enlistment was for four months, which was about expiring, and most of the men did not re-enlist.
    A most interesting fact, given by William H. Welfley in his “History of Somerset County,” recounts that when some of these troops from Somerset county returned, about forty Indians accompanied them for forty miles and stopped at an Indian village. It will be observed this was as late as 1813, and probably referred to the tribes in northern New York.
    Rev. Ferdinand Kittell, in the “Souvenir” of Loretto, relates an incident of two members of this company returning without permission, and who attended Father Gallitzin's church on the next Sunday, expecting to receive a cordial greeting. They advanced, offering their hands, which he declined to accept, while speaking aloud so all could hear, “I never shake hands with one who deserts his post.”
    The rates of pay per month for the officers and enlisted men were: Captain, $40; lieutenant, $30; ensign, $20; sergeants, $8; corporals and musicians, $7.33; and privates, $6.66.


    Muster-roll of the Rifle Company attached to the First Battalion, 142d Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, who have volunteered their services in substitution of the draft required from said regiment:
    Captain, McGuire, Richard; lieutenant, Feltz, John; ensign, Scantlin (Scanlon), John; drummer, Keyler (Kaylor), Peter.
    Privates: Adam, Ignacies; Adams, Thomas; Burgoon, John; Burgoon, Joseph; Coyler (Coyle), David; Curren, Hugh; Daugherty, John; Delosier, Daniel; Elder, James, Esquire; Elder, Patrick H.; Galagher, Joseph; Glass, George; Keene, Christopher; Lilly, Richard; Magehan, Joseph; McGaugh (McGough), Arthur; McGehan, James; McGuire, James L.; Nagle, Jacob; Noigle, John; Nowel (Noel), John; O'Connor, James; Plot, Joseph; Troxel, Jacob; Warthin, Stannes Lewis; Weakland, John; Will, Jacob; Will, John.

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